Baby food fun

Aiden has begun to like food... finally!

Each morning this week he has eaten almost a pot of baby yogurt followed by two baby crackers. He will also take a few bites of whatever I am eating for dinner (baby safe of course - veges, salad, fruit). He took a liking to pumpkin, so I steamed some small pieces for him and he ate them. He doesn`t seem to like purees though, so that saves me the step of blending things!

It is fun to watch him eat, although some of the noises he makes are pretty hilarious!

A face full of yogurt;


  1. Yay glad to hear he's eating more! We have that froggy bib too :)

  2. Shion eats ANYTHING! He had a slow start to solids too but now, seriously, he will inhale anything in front of him. Even stuff not meant for him. Then he cries if we don`t give him more fast enough...

    Maybe Aiden will be more into BLW style weaning then if he doesn`t like pureess?


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