7 months old!

So Aiden, now you are 7 months old! What a roller coaster it has been so far! It seems like every day you do something new; you sure keep me on my toes.

What you can do...
-Stay in a sitting position and play.
-Get around the room quickly using an army crawl.
-Pull yourself into a standing position (using the sofa or low table).
-Recognize your name.
-Use a `sippy` cup (with a bit of help).
-Love hiding under the blankets and playing peek-a-boo.
-Eating a select few snacks and food (not really eating `lunch` yet).
-Making noise! shouting, yelling, crying, laughing.

What you can`t do yet...
-Get into a sitting position by yourself.
-Razzing. (all the books mention this, but no sign of it yet).
-Babbling any clear consonant sounds.
-Wave bye-bye.

You are starting to get a bit of separation anxiety and sometimes cry when someone new picks you up or gives you a cuddle. You often cry when I walk out of the room (even just for a few minutes). You used to love the stroller, but you can`t see me when I push you around, so now you sometimes cry.

You recognize the sound of daddy`s necklace jingling when he walks up the stairs to our room and start smiling immediately. You are definitely daddy`s boy!

You still don`t have any teeth, but because I am still breast-feeding you (10 times every 24hours!!), I don`t mind at all.

You love using your hands to bang the table, splash in the bath and touch everything. You also want to stick everything in your mouth (including strangers` fingers and clothes) which is a little stressful for me. We can`t sit down on the train anymore because you want to touch and grab the people sitting next to us. I hope you grow out of this soon because a 30-minute train ride seems much longer standing up!!

Our biggest problem is still sleep. You are falling asleep a little easier than before, as we have been trying new ways. I used to walk around the room with you, but you weigh more than 8kg now, so it`s a bit hard on my back and shoulders. I have been lying next to you and patting your back and you seem to like that. Interestingly, the only way you can fall completely asleep now is to be touching my face. You love to feel my nose or lips while you are drifting off... funny isn`t it? It sure gives me extra incentive to keep your fingernails trimmed, as I have been scratched a few times now.

You are an amazing baby (like all babies I suppose) and when I watch you sleep, or stare into your beautiful eyes, or hear your laugh, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I am so looking forward to our first Christmas together!! Not long now :)


  1. i <3 you Fran - thank you for sharing your amazing son with me. i <3 Aiden - for his beautiful chubs and jumps and smiles....!

  2. Happy 7 months Aiden! He's doing really well with the crawling and pulling up! Little S does a lot of razzing when she's really drooly - it's pretty hilarious! Maybe if he gets an increase in drool from teething he will too? I think the other things you mention in the "can't" bit are things it would be very early if he was doing. I'm sorry sleep is still an issue for you - no wisdom to offer alas as we are still having issues too. We seem to take a step forward then everything gets disrupted when she gets a cold or injections... I think I saw a post about his sleep from you on a Facebook group the other day? Was catching up during the night so wasn't up to commenting but hope you got some good suggestions :)

  3. Yeah, I am surprised that he is crawling and pulling up so fast - but his little legs have always been strong... since he was a few weeks old, he wanted to stand up on someone`s lap instead of sitting. He might be a rugby player after all! You are right about the drool, he hasn`t been drooling so much recently, so I`m sure that affects the razzing, or lack thereof. Every day Aiden`s schedule changes so currently I am working on a really regular bedtime routine, and seeing how things go with that. He feeds to sleep really easily and I am far too much of a wuss to do any kind of CIO, so I guess things won`t change until I make them ;)


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