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Play yard? (プレイヤード)

So this is our new toy...

After Aiden tried to stand up inside his crib and fell backwards smacking his head onto the opposite railings, I vowed to never put my baby in such a dangerous situation again. Granted, I cannot keep my eyes on him every second of the day, but as he grows and starts standing up everywhere, I need to do my best to keep him safe.

He doesn`t sleep in the crib anyway, so it was an easy decision to dismantle it and put it back into storage.

I still needed somewhere safe to put him when I do laundry or run to the bathroom. And when he is a bit older and can nap somewhere other than my lap (or curled up next to me in my bed), then I need somewhere safe that he can`t roll off or escape from.

The perfect solution was a portacot (or play yard = プレイヤード in japanese). If you have ever tried to buy one of these, you would have found that there are hundreds of options, ranging from simple cages, to vibrating cribs with rocking bassinets and diaper changing stations.

Since Aiden …

Get up stand up!

So Aiden has perfected the art of pulling up to standing - and all before his 8-month birthday... a wee bit too fast for my liking.

I can't take my eyes off him for a second, or he will be pulling up to stand on something very inappropriate (like a cat) or very dangerous (like a flimsy plastic washing basket full of dirty laundry)...

 Look mum! A dirty sock :)
p.s. don`t tell Yoshi I dressed Aiden in Miki House... I think he has some trauma from wearing it as a boy and refuses to let Aiden suffer the same fate... but Aiden`s only 7 months old... I am sure he won`t remember!

Baby Santa e-card

If you want to make something super cute to send to your friends this Xmas, check out the Baby Santa e-card.

Here are some screenshots from my card...

All you need is a pic of your baby`s face.
Have fun!

Too funny not to post

I know everyone has been posting this on Facebook for the past month or so, but just in case you haven`t seen it... I think it is too funny not to post.

The 25 funniest autocorrects of DYAC`s first year.

Basically, when you write messages using your iPhone, the inbuilt technology changes the words to make them `correct`, a bit like predictive text messaging on some cell-phones.

The funny thing is that some of the words it chooses are not really `correct` at all, and some of them are downright hilarious. People who have sent or received these messages sometimes forward them onto a website called `Damn you autocorrect` so that the whole world can have a good laugh.



Baby food fun

Aiden has begun to like food... finally!

Each morning this week he has eaten almost a pot of baby yogurt followed by two baby crackers. He will also take a few bites of whatever I am eating for dinner (baby safe of course - veges, salad, fruit). He took a liking to pumpkin, so I steamed some small pieces for him and he ate them. He doesn`t seem to like purees though, so that saves me the step of blending things!

It is fun to watch him eat, although some of the noises he makes are pretty hilarious!

A face full of yogurt;

Zara Japan

Just in case you hadn't heard, Zara Japan now has an online store!! They sell women's, mens, kids and babies (3-36 months) clothes from the website, and I think that domestic shipping is free.

Both the women's collection and TRF (women's casual collection) are available, which means there is a LOT of choice, and good size options for the taller and curvier girl!

Zara doesn't stock babies clothes in their real stores, so this is a good chance to get some cute clothes at pretty reasonable prices.

Happy shopping.

* here are some pics of the babies collection...

This week

Nothing much noteworthy has been happening recently, so here are just a few small highlights from the last week or so...

Met up with my friend K for lunch on Monday; we went to Butterfly cafe (バタフライ) in OIOI department store (Namba) and had the most vegetabley vegetable curry I think I have ever seen.  

I was shocked to see a vege curry with more than a few bits of potato in it! It was colorful and chock-a-block full of at least 10 different kinds of veges. I wish I had taken a picture, but I forgot, so I stole one from the website...

It came with a small salad and a drink too.

Aiden tried sitting in a real high chair and seemed to like it (for about 10 minutes), just long enough for me to finish my lunch!

On Wednesday day I tried one of the new Haagen Dazs winter ice-creams. Named `Caramel walnuts` (キャラメルウォールナッツ), and released on November 7th, it certainly didn't disappoint, with lots of chunky walnuts and ribbons of sweet, sticky caramel throughout. Yum!

Yoshi had two days off this we…


Happy 11/11/11 everyone! Hope you have a great day :)

For those who didn't  know, 11/11 is Pocky Day in Japan... The great blogger-in-Japan tofugu wrote all about it here if you are interested.

Basically, Pocky (a japanese snack) which is very similar to Pepero (a korean snack) are long and thin, and kind resemble the number `1` (if you are advertising and marketing minded I suppose). To ensure people buy lots of these snacks, they decided that 11/11 (which has lots of 1s) was the best day to devote to these snacks.

Yummy xx

7 months old!

So Aiden, now you are 7 months old! What a roller coaster it has been so far! It seems like every day you do something new; you sure keep me on my toes.

What you can do...
-Stay in a sitting position and play.
-Get around the room quickly using an army crawl.
-Pull yourself into a standing position (using the sofa or low table).
-Recognize your name.
-Use a `sippy` cup (with a bit of help).
-Love hiding under the blankets and playing peek-a-boo.
-Eating a select few snacks and food (not really eating `lunch` yet).
-Making noise! shouting, yelling, crying, laughing.

What you can`t do yet...
-Get into a sitting position by yourself.
-Razzing. (all the books mention this, but no sign of it yet).
-Babbling any clear consonant sounds.
-Wave bye-bye.

You are starting to get a bit of separation anxiety and sometimes cry when someone new picks you up or gives you a cuddle. You often cry when I walk out of the room (even just for a few minutes). You used to love the stroller, but you can`t see me when I push…

Almost 7 months!

So last Wednesday, completely out of the blue, Aiden pulled himself up to standing... I guess that`s how things happen with babies; one day they can`t do things, and then the next day...?

On Friday we went to the local kids playcentre and Aiden crawled around the gym with all the other kids and tried to pull himself up on everything he could find. It was kind of cute, but he was the youngest baby there, so managed to get in the way of all the other kids and their mums - who were not impressed!

It was our first time to visit the local playcentre and it was pretty good. We played with one of the foreign mums (and her adorable sons) I met through a `meetup` group which was nice. Everyone else was Japanese of course, and many of them were perplexed as to why we were there. I mean we have kids, isn`t it obvious? haha :) 

In a couple of days Aiden will be 7 months old, so much closer to being 1 year old, than 0! I can`t believe how fast the time is going, and how much he can already do. Everyo…

Hijiki Senbei

So while babies around the world tuck into their strawberry, apple, and vegetable flavored crackers and rusks, today Aiden tried his first Japanese snack!

Called senbei (rice crackers), they are good for babies because they stay relatively solid while babies suck and chew on them.

Today`s senbei was hijiki flavored. Hijiki is a brown seaweed that grows on rocky coastlines (around Japan, Korea and China) and is a popular (and healthy) side dish to many meals in Japan. These senbei (made by Pigeon), are calcium enriched and made for babies aged 6 months and over.

Here are some pics from Aiden`s first hijiki cracker experience...

 What`s this mummy?
 It feels hard, and I can bang it on the high chair!
 Mmmmm, shall I taste it?
 Here goes...
 So far so good...
 Wait, what is that strange flavor?
 Yuckkkkk! It tastes like...
 Ok, I`ll try again
 Well, maybe it`s ok
 Maybe not...
 Mummm! This is gross!
 Is there anything else?
Please!! Anything!!