Week with dad

Sorry I have been a wee bit AWOL. My dad arrived in Osaka (from the UK) last Friday and just left today. We have had some busy days sightseeing, shopping and eating our way around the Kansai area. 

Here are a few highlights...

Nakanoshima`s Aqua Metropolis festival;

The big buddha and Nara park;

Shopping/sightseeing in and around Osaka;

Osaka`s kaiyukan (aquarium);

We rented a car while dad was here (because Yoshis cars are left-hand drive and I refuse to drive them!!), and it was really fun being so mobile and independent - usually I travel everywhere by train. Aiden hated riding in the back of the car by himself though, and screamed the entire length of every trip we made... and according to the odometer, that was almost 600km over the past week!

Anyway, dad left this morning, and Aiden is now taking a nap - most likely exhausted from all the long car rides and playing with his grandad all week :)

Thanks for coming dad!! We had a great time.


  1. Bet your dad loved hanging with his granson!

    My parents left yesterday after 3 weeks and it's so hard to say goodbye.

  2. awwww u guys look adorable!!! nakanoshima....thats my old hood... :( that is one huge duck!!! I'm glad you had some QT w your pops.

  3. Thanks! We had a nice time, and it was great to see Aiden and my dad getting on so well... Since Yoshi is really busy, Aiden doesn`t get much `guy-time`!


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