Harajuku Mini

I am a big fan of Gwen Stefani; her cute kids, her washboard abs, her super funky sense of style, and her affinity with Japan; so when I heard that she was designing a kids` clothing range for Target, I was really excited.

The line is supposed to be released in stores on November 13th, but there are some previews of the line available... it even has a fan page on Facebook.

Here are some of the looks from the soon-to-be released collection...

Now I just have to figure out how to buy them from Japan!


  1. Cute and I bet will do well in the US but the 2nd and 4th pics are just what I'd expect from a Japanese kiddies shop... can't definitely see where she got her inspiration! ;)

  2. Oh my god that panda bum is way too cute. I'm tempted to have a 2nd child just to get his bum in a Gwen Stefani panda!

  3. I love that Panda bum! I buy stuff from Target using expatexpress.com

  4. lemme know, i can send it to you!!!


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