Another growth spurt?

So here we are ... the 6-7 month growth spurt. Another cruel joke mother nature plays on new mothers; just as we start to think we have it figured out...

I was getting used to the 9 o`clock bath, the bed time routine, the 3 hourly night time feedings; and then suddenly Aiden is awake until midnight, crying when I put him down, awake every 60-90 minutes screaming like he`s never been fed, furiously trying to crawl over every surface in the room, using his little tummy muscles to pull himself into a half-crunch sit up...

And of course I think it`s all my fault, what a terrible mother I am, and the questions and confusion starts... What am I doing wrong? Does he need a tighter schedule? More/less feedings? Does he need more naps, an earlier bedtime? Should I have started him on solids earlier? Am I giving him the wrong foods? Is he teething?


After 3 sleepless nights (and days full of almost constant nursing), I have come to the conclusion that we are in the midst of another growth spurt, probably physically and most definitely developmentally. 

Let`s just hope it`s a short one.

* OH! Happy Halloween everyone. I stupidly tried to get some pics of Aiden in his cute cow sleeping bag, but he wasn`t having any part of it... maybe next year?

Fran xx


  1. he's probably too gassy to sleep...some burping would help. Your son's adorable!!!


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