6 months!

Happy 6 month birthday baby Aiden!! 

I cannot believe he is already half way to being 1 year old... it still seems like yesterday that we were talking about his impending arrival and wondering who he would look like.

So here is what he can already do;

- roll over, back to front and front to back.
- sit unsupported for a few minutes.
- drag himself along the floor in an army-style crawl.
- laugh out loud.
- wriggle around.
- babble (loudly!)
- look for (and try to pick up dropped toys).
- look at himself in the mirror and smile.

- stand up when supported by someone.

Here are some things he doesn`t do yet;

- cry with real tears... he cries, a lot, but no tears yet (his eyes aren`t dry exactly, but tears don`t collect or roll down his cheeks).
- pull himself up to a sitting position.
- want to eat food.
- have any teeth (still seems to be teething, but nothing else).
- blow bubbles or `razz`

He is a very social baby and loves to talk to people (especially other kids). He loves jumping in the jolly jumper and walking/rolling around the living room in the walker. He still hates to lie down on his back and will quickly flip over to his tummy given the chance (this makes diaper changes rather challenging). He hasn`t started to raise his arms when he wants to be picked up, so I am trying to teach him the sign for `up`. It has only been a week, but he smiles a lot when I sign it for him, and say `up up` before picking him up.

We tried giving him soft steamed rice mixed with breast milk around his 5 month birthday, and he didn`t want any part of it. Since then he hasn`t started to become interested in food, although the two times I ate a piece of melon last month, he tried to grab it and suck on it. 

We tried giving him soft steamed rice mixed with apple sauce today and he still wasn`t keen. But I will try again tomorrow. It seemed like he was more able to swallow things this time, so maybe he just needs more practice.

Sleep is the biggest problem of all, but I won`t write about that today... just thinking about how little sleep I get makes me tired, so ...

Aiden truly is a great baby and the past 6 months have been a lot of fun. I am so looking forward to the next 6 months, as his personality will shine even more, he might start eating, standing, and walking, and hopefully sleeping a bit more too!

Love you baby Aiden xx


  1. Happy 6 months Aiden. The time went so fast. Melon was Ryu's favorite baby food. The yellow rock melon kind. He still loves it. I wish I had posted about what my kids could and couldn't do. I think I only posted about a child being able to move so much for the first time when I found them under the couch or on the floor by the bed. It will be great to look back on - especially if you have another child. By then you would have started the selective memory thing and reading old posts about Aiden will remind you that what's happening is normal.

    Really hoping you get some good sleep soon.


  2. Just a quick stop-by to see how you guys are doing while I enjoy SA life :) Have lost my blogging brain in the excitement but will be back as soon as I return or on a rainy day!

    Wow! 6 months! Aiden is such a cheerful little chap. I love reading about his developments and how noshing and napping is going for you guys!

    Brent is sleeping well after a week of jet-lag mayhem and is charming family and friends with his gurgles of delight. I've also enjoyed the random convos with shop sellers and passers-by who stop to squeeze his baby feet.

    Kisses, Joey

  3. Happy six months Aiden! Way to go champ! And way to go mama!

    Noah was born and cried tears that first day. For Shion it took a lot longer- he cries with tears now {He is 7 months corrected age} but I would say it has only been in the last 2 months or so that they have come in properly. Funny how kids are different!

    No teeth. Lucky you! Shion likes to bite me during feeds sometimes- not fun!

  4. Happy 6month!!!!
    Times flies!!!
    He looking super genki! coool!


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