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To make up for the shocking `halloween` pics earlier, I took some better ones of Aiden while we were playing with the ball this morning. Despite the lack of sleep, he does`t look too worse for wear! Me on the other hand...

I can`t believe he is sitting up unaided for relatively long periods of time now! So cute :)

By the way, the very cute rompers he is wearing? Hand-me-down Elle Poupon from his cousin Uta... nothing I would buy, but actually look very sweet.

Another growth spurt?

So here we are ... the 6-7 month growth spurt. Another cruel joke mother nature plays on new mothers; just as we start to think we have it figured out...

I was getting used to the 9 o`clock bath, the bed time routine, the 3 hourly night time feedings; and then suddenly Aiden is awake until midnight, crying when I put him down, awake every 60-90 minutes screaming like he`s never been fed, furiously trying to crawl over every surface in the room, using his little tummy muscles to pull himself into a half-crunch sit up...

And of course I think it`s all my fault, what a terrible mother I am, and the questions and confusion starts... What am I doing wrong? Does he need a tighter schedule? More/less feedings? Does he need more naps, an earlier bedtime? Should I have started him on solids earlier? Am I giving him the wrong foods? Is he teething?


After 3 sleepless nights (and days full of almost constant nursing), I have come to the conclusion that we are in the midst of another growth sp…

Week with dad

Sorry I have been a wee bit AWOL. My dad arrived in Osaka (from the UK) last Friday and just left today. We have had some busy days sightseeing, shopping and eating our way around the Kansai area. 

Here are a few highlights...

Nakanoshima`s Aqua Metropolis festival;

The big buddha and Nara park;

Shopping/sightseeing in and around Osaka;

Osaka`s kaiyukan (aquarium);

Harajuku Mini

I am a big fan of Gwen Stefani; her cute kids, her washboard abs, her super funky sense of style, and her affinity with Japan; so when I heard that she was designing a kids` clothing range for Target, I was really excited.

The line is supposed to be released in stores on November 13th, but there are some previews of the line available... it even has a fan page on Facebook.

Here are some of the looks from the soon-to-be released collection...

Now I just have to figure out how to buy them from Japan!

Go the f**k to sleep!

My good friend Z has been listening to all my complaining recently... lack of sleep and all that :(

Look what she bought for me;

A great book for any parent who is so stressed out and exhausted by a lack of sleep... all you can do is laugh, right?

And if you haven`t seen/heard it already, here is a youtube video of the book being read aloud by Samuel L. Jackson. Definitely not safe for kids/work.

Enjoy xx

6 months!

Happy 6 month birthday baby Aiden!! 
I cannot believe he is already half way to being 1 year old... it still seems like yesterday that we were talking about his impending arrival and wondering who he would look like.

So here is what he can already do;

- roll over, back to front and front to back.
- sit unsupported for a few minutes.
- drag himself along the floor in an army-style crawl.
- laugh out loud.
- wriggle around.
- babble (loudly!)
- look for (and try to pick up dropped toys).
- look at himself in the mirror and smile.

- stand up when supported by someone.

Here are some things he doesn`t do yet;

- cry with real tears... he cries, a lot, but no tears yet (his eyes aren`t dry exactly, but tears don`t collect or roll down his cheeks).
- pull himself up to a sitting position.
- want to eat food.
- have any teeth (still seems to be teething, but nothing else).
- blow bubbles or `razz`

He is a very social baby and loves to talk to people (especially other kids). He loves jumping in the jolly jumper …


I came to Japan 8 years ago. I have always been different from the people who were born here... I am taller than them, curvier than them, have blonder, curlier hair than them, bluer eyes than them, and of course have trouble communicating with them on a native level.

So I can understand why I might be intimidating... why people might not want to talk to me... why kids might point at me, or tell their parents I am `scary`.

I don`t understand why people find it necessary to point out the obvious however. I know I am not Japanese. You know I am not Japanese... so why say it out loud? Why look at me and say `Gaijin`, or nudge your friend in the ribs and say `Gaijin`.

I have friends who hate the word `Gaijin`. It means `outsider` or `outside person`... but it isn`t the word that bothers me so much. If you are going to expend the energy telling me that I am not Japanese, why don`t you say `Ohayou` (good morning) or `Konbanwa` (good evening) instead? Make the world a happier, friendlier place?