Watching the rugby world cup 2011 in Japan

So, as a keen rugby (or watching hot guys in tight tees and tiny shorts) fan, I am exciting about the RWC starting this week in New Zealand!

For those of us living in Japan, I wanted to share this info. 

All the games will be broadcast live through JSports (1, 2, and ESPN) and there will be replays too. I guess JSports is only available to cable TV subscribers. Sorry.

JSports lists the full game schedule on this page.

The full schedule is in Japanese, and is laid out like this

09月09日 (金) 16:30 - 20:00
Translation = September 9th (Fri) 4:30-8:00

ラグビー ワールドカップ2011 ニュージーランド大会 開会式&プールA #1
ニュージーランド vs. トンガ

Translation = Rugby World Cup 2011 NZ Opening Ceremony and Pool A #1 
New Zealand VS Tonga

The little red box with an `L` means live game, and the gold `R` is replay.

There is also a daily schedule of JSports programming in English available on this page.



  1. THANK YOU!!

    I have my t-shirt and my official guide. My kids know two lines of the haka and I feel all I need is some Kiwi beer.


  2. That seems like good coverage!
    We have found that the Blarney Stone Irish Pub in Umeda opens at 5pm just in time for the game tonight, and they have a big screen.
    Were here with work just for 2 days... so lucky!


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