Takochu - made by pine-create in Tokyo.

Quite possibly the cutest character I`ve ever seen in Japan...

Has anyone seen them in the shops? I have a feeling that you can only win them in game centres at this time... Too bad!

I am on the hunt, so if you see any, please let me know.


  1. I found them! http://www.kawaiishopjapan.com/product-list?keyword=takochu&Submit=Search

    but I'll keep my eye out in shops too K x

  2. Thanks! I found them too! They had 4 in stock so I bought them all :) I also contacted the maker and unfortunately they don`t produce them anymore, so... I might be the owner of something valuable - hehe ;)

  3. What game centres can you get them from?

    1. Unfortunately they aren't produced anymore, nor are they available in game centers. I have seen a few online (eBay etc) but after buying 4 myself from kawaii shop Japan I think they are few and far between. Good luck!


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