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Hi again,
It has been a busy morning here. I took Aiden to the local hospital to get his DPT immunization (diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus). He was so good and didn`t cry at all. There are 3 stages of this vaccine which we will have to get in the coming weeks. I hope he is so good for the rest of them!

Here is my post for `some days` and I`m linking up with Lulu from Cherry Blossom Adventures too.

Some days I wonder if this sleeping thing is ever going to get better. For the last week Aiden hasn`t slept more than 2 hours at a time (night or day), and I am exhausted. Most days I hear my friends tell me that it has to get better, and believe that they must be right!

Some days I really worry about Aiden`s health... he has a little cold and a really runny nose which makes it hard for him to breathe and sleep well. I am religiously washing my hands after touching anything and being really careful about the things that he touches too. Most days I am MUCH more laid-back and feel like getting a little bit dirty is actually not that bad.

Some days I think about starting up the solid foods again with Aiden. Most days he shows absolutely no interest in food at all. He just loves boobs, so I am happy to oblige while I can.

Some days I can`t believe how much Aiden has grown. When we went to the hospital for Aiden`s DPT injection this morning, there were 10 mums there with their 1-month-olds for their first checkups. Aiden looked huge and so much more developed than the wrinkled, red faced, floppy babies all sleeping in their mum`s arms. Was he really ever that small??

Some days I get packages in the mail with things I have ordered online. It is so exciting to open up the boxes and find cute baby clothes. Most days I try to save money and think about the things I will buy for the new house (still in the planning stage, but feeling more real than a few months ago).

Some days it feels like Autumn might be on its way. Most days we are still in teeshirts here in Osaka!

Some days I try to be super healthy (because I am still breastfeeding Aiden), and even bought caffeine-less mama`s coffee. Most days I treat myself to something semi-naughty because Aiden has been growing well and has been mostly genki!

Some days I have something to blog about my own life... but most days it is all about Aiden. Ha! I am such a mum. Who would have thought?

Hope you are all having a nice Tuesday. Enjoy the last days of summer :)


  1. I want Autumn to come and stay! T-shirts are fine- just glad the humidity is gone!

    Are you going to build/buy a house or apartment? Or will you be renting?! Very exciting either way- Your own place!

    I am not healthy at all but am breastfeeding Shion- I dont even really try which is so bad. I do drink a ton of water though {4L or more a day} so maybe that evens it out. But I have 2-3 cups of coffee a day...the caffinated kind! LOL

    I wish the sleep thing would happen for Shion too....but with an older child I really do know that eventually it will get better- so those people telling you it will are right!

  2. Sorry to hear you're having sleep issues with Aiden - definitely know what that's like! How is he doing after the DPT? We are getting Hib and haien (can't think of the name in English) tomorrow - scary!

  3. Thanks guys. Lulu, we have some land and are planning to build a house on it - hopefully all done in the next 6 months or so. VERY excited.
    Umebossy - the DPT went great, I don`t think Aiden even noticed the needle. He was way calmer than me!


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