Some days...

Hi y`all on another summery Tuesday ... seriously, isn`t September supposed to be autumnal?

Oh!!! This is my 400th blog post!!! Yay me.

Some days I wish the sticky hot hot Japanese summer would finish. Most days I know that I will complain more about the cold wet winter!

Some days I hate the rain. Most rain at night helps me sleep!

Some days MIL makes very traditional Japanese food; five dishes (rice, fish, soup, veges and pickles). Most days she says something like `I saw this ketchup/mayo/soy milk pasta on the daytime news and I`m going to try it out for dinner.

Some days Aiden goes all day without crying. Most days he cries when he can`t sleep (naps and bedtime). I feel so sorry for him. He closes his eyes and cries and cries... `I wanna go to sleep mummy, but I don`t know how`.

Some days I read other people`s blogs and stories and feel happy that I have the things I do. Most days I get jealous of people who have what I don`t. Silly isn`t it?

Some days I make plans with a friend to meet for coffee in the city (Umeda, Namba or Shinsaibashi). Most days I don`t leave the neighborhood where we live. I think the locals are slowly getting used to seeing me out, but only 1 or 2 have said a word to me since I moved here (more than a year ago!)

Some days I think I can plan a day with Aiden. Most days he does something to surprise me and throws all the plans out the window. This week I really wanted to start him on regular naps, but he started another growth spurt / or teething perhaps? and wants to be fed every 1-2 hours during the day!! Sometimes he falls asleep while feeding, but he won`t let me put him down. My back and arms are killing me!

* but I can never get angry at this face... he is really getting cuter by the minute!

How is your Tuesday everyone?

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  1. Congrats on your 400th post!! :)

    I prefer winter to summer actually... I remember sometimes, I felt like I was turning to ash in Kyoto haha.

    Sometimes I feel that the grass is greener on the other side too. Like I would miss places I used to be, or times when I was still single and lived a more "happening" life ;p But then, I'll remember that many people are probably thinking the same way of me too. So I must constantly remind myself that the grass is greener on the inside :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. you have no reason to think you're silly for thinking the grass is greener - everyone does!

    why do you think i offer to have aiden, and when we have coffee i don't give him up at all!? i want to have your life - to have a husband and baby and on your way to family home! similarly i enjoy being able to go out to bars and clubs if i feel like it... i want what i don't have - do you want what you can't have?xxx

  3. I can`t wait for autumn. And then spring. Winter and Summer I could do without!! hehe! Especially here- in Australia I don`t mind winter and summer but I do love the actual seasons Japan has- Brisbane just doesn`t have them- it is 30 degrees year round except for 2-3 months in the middle of the year when temps drop below 20!

    I think it is normal to think the grass is greener- no matter if you have it all I think people still think this way. I miss my pre-kids life {although it has been a long time since my life was pre-Shun.....I met him when I was 19} but I wouldn`t give up my kids. I just have to make do with very infrequent nights out but no doubt when I do go I will miss them and worry the whole time.

    It seems like Aiden is a very happy bub! Sorry he is giving you some trouble in the sleep department. My only advice is to put him down as soon as you notice tired signs like rubbing eyes, a bit of grizzling or yawning- if he is overtired it will be much harder for him to put himself to sleep. I am having issues at the moment because Shion can go to sleep by himself but he likes to roll and move around and grumble and chat {not cry} before he settles and if Noah hears him then Noah cries out for me to go to him even though Noah has been able to put himself to sleep 99% of the time since about 7 months. It is fine if it is for naps and Noah is awake but hard when the boys are going down at night. On the weekends I keep Noah up 30 minutes later and he stays downstairs with his dad while Shion settles upstairs. I usually just sit in the rocking chair once Shion is in his cot until he nods off... Hope you can figure something out that suits you and Aiden- he is still a bit young anyway! He will get there in the end!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments...

    - Ai Sakura - you are right! The grass is definitely greener on my side. I do appreciate my lovely family and my life. I don`t want for anything really, except more time with my hubby. But you know what? Most people who have lots of time with their husbands wish that they had less time! hehe, so I suppose our situation isn`t all bad.

    - Z chan - I know. I loved being young and free and going out whenever I pleased, but even then, I looked at couples, and babies and wished I had that. So now I have that, and I have to make the most of it, because before long Aiden will be a yucky teenager!

    - Lulu - thanks for the advice. I know Aiden is still young, but I think that now is the right time to implement good sleeping practices (or so the experts say). I have to find something that works for us, because a 7pm-7am sleep schedule is impossible. I have been trying to put Aiden down when he gets grizzly, and that works well for naps.


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