Some days...

It`s Tuesday again; so linking up with Lulu (she`s the only one who`s finished her post so far!)

Some days I feel so productive. I clean out my email inbox, reply to all my messages, update my status on Facebook... Most days I let things pile up!

Some days I surprise myself by fitting into my pre-preggy clothes. Most days I would rather wear something loose and comfy.

Some days hub surprises me by saying something sweet or giving me a random hug or kiss. Most days he is far too tired.

Some days I treat myself to a Starbucks drink when I am out and about. Most days I think Starbucks is waaay overpriced... especially the 50yen extra for soy milk!

Some days I want to paint my finger and toe-nails to look like I made an effort. Most days my nail polish is chipped - if I have any on at all!

Some days Aiden will go down quickly for a nap at around 11am and sleep for 45 minutes. Most days he will put up a big fuss, I will rock him to sleep, and he will wake up 20 minutes later!

Some Thursdays I will make a plan for the day because it is the only time we have together as a family. Last Thursday we went to Harvest Hill, and then out to dinner at Outback! Most Thursdays I have no ideas and we usually go window shopping or driving around the city.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.


  1. That's true. My emails and comments pile up so bad! My hubby read your post to Harvest Hill and he liked it a lot. He said we should go for more sightseeing stuff instead of to the city all the time heehee.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Your husband only gets one day off a week?

    We have been so busy with house stuff lately I rarely make weekend plans except for maybe with friends so that work full-time too if they want to see the boys etc. My hub is not a real social person though and is a real homebody!

    Harvest Hill did look lovely though! Should do more with my boys- all three of them!!!!

    Have a great week!


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