Some days...

Tuesday again, linking up with Lulu...

Some days I think about my `some days...` post well in advance. Most days I just wing it!

Some days I think about what Aiden will wear before I rifle through his drawers. Most days I pick up the clothes on the top of the clean washing pile and he just wears that!

Some days I wear nice ballet flats. Most days I just wear my old Havaianas flip flops!

Some days I make new friends and contacts with people who read my blog! Those are great days. Most days I wonder if its possible to make new friends here in Japan.

Some days I believe in true kindness. I have recently been shown just how much my friends care about me. Thanks everyone!!

Some days I worry about the health of my hub and all the hubs in Japan who work these insane hours. Most days he does`t finish work till after 10pm... how can that be good for a person?

Some days I think that I am just starting to get the hang of being a mum. Most days Aiden will shock me with a new cry, a new facial expression or a new sound! Being a mum is definitely full of surprises.

Today I went shopping with my sis and we took this cute pic of Aiden trying on part of a Halloween costume... just before the shop assistant ran over and told us off!! hehe ;)

Hope you all have a great day.



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