Life as usual

I haven`t been writing much about life in general recently, so here goes...

Aiden had his DPT vaccine (diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus) on Tuesday which went really well (all things considered). It is the first of 3 DPT shots, so the others will come up in the next few months. I wasn`t sure that he would be able to be immunized because he has had a runny nose and a bit of a fever since Sunday. The doctor took his temperature though, and had no major concerns.

On Wednesday I saw Eve (my sis) for a few hours and shopped a bit in Shinsaibashi. She will be leaving Japan next week (cry cry), so we visited our favorite clothes stores (Zara, H&M) and of course ate some yummy cafe food... (this time we ate Choco Cro)...

Thursday was Yoshi`s day off. We went to Costco in the early afternoon and then wandered around Umeda for a few hours before meeting up with Eve again. We brought her back to our neighborhood where we met up with Yoshi`s whole family for a `sayonara dinner party` for Eve at a local sukiyaki restaurant. So delicious. So good. There were about 13 of us (ranging in age from 5 months - 64 years old), so they gave us a private tatami room which was great. All the kids ran around like hooligans, while Aiden showed off his newest skill, which I guess is similar to an army crawl. He doesn`t have the strength to get both his chest and his bum off the ground at the same time, so drags himself along using his arms instead. Very cute! (and pretty impressive for a 5 month old I think).

Woke up early today and took Aiden to the local ENT doctor to get his ears cleaned properly and his  runny nose seen to. The doctor said he has a kind of cold caused by being chilly when he sleeps. I was surprised to hear this because Aiden usually wakes up sweaty (and I put him to sleep in a merino sleeping bag so he doesn`t have any covers to kick off)... but I will give him the small amount of syrup medicine that the doctor prescribed, and hope he is back to sleeping 3-4 hours at night (rather than 1-2 which has been the norm this past week... ewwwwww!).

That`s all I think.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Oh, I am sorry Eve is leaving so soon! :( If you want, I can setup a Eveknapping and keep her in Japan for you!

    I love the picture of Aiden, he is really beginning to look more grown up!

  2. OMG Danielle, are things still not moving yet???? You must be going crazy! Thanks for the comment - I am so sad that Eve is leaving but she has already been here for a year and a half and is keen to move on with her life, so I get that.
    I hope she`ll be back to see Aiden and me before too long :)

  3. Aiden's adorable.

    I hate when doctors buy into old wives' tales.


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