Kiwi boy!

We just received 2 packages from New Zealand via DHL and opened them up to find...

in one... 

Aiden`s Certificate of NZ Citizenship

Aiden`s NZ passport

and in the other...

a baby All Blacks tee-shirt

He is now officially a kiwi boy :)


  1. Yippee! Aiden is officially a dual-citizen!!

    I think we definitely need a photo of Aiden in his t-shirt!

  2. I never claimed my NZ citizenship- I guess it doesn`t really matter since Aussie`s can do almost anything in NZ and vice versa {right?} and now my mum is an Aussie citizen anyway!

    Shion has citizenship and an emergency passport but I haven`t gotten his official passport yet. Haven`t got his Japanese one either- whoops! Best get both soon I suppose. Waiting for translation of koseki for Shion`s passport since his citizenship came through in an emergency I didn`t need it then but now I do.

    When will his first trip be?

  3. Wahoo - aren't the new passports cool. Shou's second Japanese passport came home on Friday and am just waiting for his New Zealand one. Such a change to his first baby passport. He didn't believe me when I told him it was him :)
    Definitely a pic of Aiden in his t-shirt.

  4. Aiden got a Japanese passport when he was just a month old because I took him back to NZ to meet my mother. We don`t have any trips planned yet, but it will be nice to use his NZ passport for trips back home with me (a bit confusing to explain to immigration why my son and I have different last names and different nationalities!!)

    The new NZ passports are amazing. The little hologram picture of Aiden in the front is neat!


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