Harvest Hill Osaka

Last week on Yoshi`s day off we went to Harvest Hill, a kind of farmlet/agricultural park here in Osaka. Harvest Hill has a few farm animals (sheep, horses, cows, a pig, alpacas, rabbits and a big tortoise), as well as gardens and some fairground type attractions for little kids (ferris wheel, kids go-carts, pottery making...).

Because we went on a weekday there weren`t many people there and some of the attractions were not running. 

We had a good look around, walked up and down some hills (phew!), ate some fresh milk soft serve ice-cream and enjoyed a few hours in the sun. We also floated around a small lake/pond(?) in one of those duck-shaped pedal boats.

It was a nice way to spend some of summer`s last sunshine hours as the nights here in Osaka cool down little by little to make way for autumn.

If you want to go to Harvest Hill, you can check their website here.


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