Dear Aiden

Dear Aiden,

Why is it that when I feed you until you are nice and full, lay you down in your crib, give you your pacifier, pat your chest, and play gentle soothing lullabies on little Scout, that you end up red-faced and screaming minutes later?

And why is that when I hold you in my arms and walk/dance around the room to Red Hot Chili Peppers` new album you fall asleep before the end of the second song???

You are a man after my own heart darling Aiden, but I wish you would learn to settle and fall asleep on your own.


Mummy xx


  1. Haha I feel your pain... No self soothing here either. My saviour is the balance ball I got during my pregnancy - she can't resist the motion for long...

    Bloooody hell I was typing this on my phone and while not paying attention baby girl went from lying on her back length-ways in her cot to on her front, lying across the way right up at the top! Can't believe I missed that, feeling guilty now!


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