Aiden is 5 1/2 months old

So Aiden`s first 3-4 tries at solid food were a bit hit and miss... Well no that`s not true. They were entirely MISS, so we are taking a little break.

He checked all the boxes when it comes to being ready to eat solid foods... The ability to hold up his head, turn his head in the direction of food, being able to sit up in a high chair, interest in food... 

BUT he still has the infant tongue reflex; the reflex which makes him stick out his tongue when something touches it. So all the food that entered his mouth, was immediately forced back out again. The experts recommend waiting a week or two, and trying again. So we will. Wait I mean.

In the interest of getting him used to some new textures and flavors we did introduce baby Pocari and baby tea last month. He wasn't a big fan of tea, but seems to like the baby Pocari.

In other Aiden news, he has started shouting! He starts babbling and talking away and gets really over excited which leads to the shouting. It usually happens around 7-8pm, not great for our plan to eat out at a restaurant last Thursday, but has also happened a few times in the morning too.

He loves being on his tummy now - a huge contrast to his first few months of life, when he would cry and cry during tummy time. He is desperate to move, and is trying everything he can to crawl around the floor. He can't crawl yet, but can move his body around in a circle to reach toys and can also manage to move about 30cm (maybe in a backwards direction) . 

He still chews EVERYTHING but still has no teeth (or any sign of teeth).

Favorite toys these days are still the Jolly Jumper, his Wubbanub pacifier and the toys which hang from the play gym (to chew on of course)! He also uses the walker which has been used by all of Yoshi`s nieces and nephews and loves scooting around the living room chasing the cats.

Usual 5-month old development steps include..

recognizing his own name -- sometimes.
raising his arms when he wants to be picked up -- sometimes.
laughing at funny faces -- yes, always.
get into a sitting position -- not yet.
sit alone when put into position -- yes, for a few seconds.
stranger anxiety -- not really.
spotting and tracking small objects -- yes.
understanding cause and effect -- yes, a little.
banging things -- yes, he will smack everything with his hands!

So I guess he is doing pretty well.

In all areas except one... SLEEP.

Most nights I give him a bath around 9pm, read him a story, feed him and put him in his crib around 10pm. He lies there for a few minutes, then starts screaming. I pick him up and rock him (or walk him around the room), and when he falls asleep I put him back in the crib. At this stage he will sometimes sleep for an hour. He wakes up hungry, so I feed him and he falls asleep again - for about 2 hours. In the last few days, after feeding him again, he might sleep for 3 hours, another feed, and 2 hours more sleep. He usually wakes up bright eyed at 9am (when daddy goes to work).

So the sleep hours are there, but very broken ... zzz


  1. That sounds pretty normal for a 5-month old sleeping. Which sucks, but at least you know it will eventually work out. ;)


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