5 months old

Yesterday marked Aiden`s 5 month birthday, and we celebrated by giving him his first taste of solid(?) food. I mixed okayu (soft boiled rice) with breast milk and fed it to him using a baby spoon.

The results (as I expected) were messy and didn`t involve a whole lot of eating.

I am not sure if it was the taste or the texture which he didn`t like, but some of Aiden`s facial expressions had me cracking up...

I tried again today with similar results, and plan to keep going. Practice makes perfect, right?

After a week or so, I will start to introduce other kinds of purees (veges), but because this rice mix is the easiest, and most of it is wasted (in the bib and on his face... and everywhere else except his mouth), until he actually swallows something, I don`t want to spend too much time and money!!


  1. I love his face in the first picture. He looks highly unimpressed. I was just reading about introducing solids yesterday and one website suggested avocado as a first food. Just a thought! This is the site I was reading: http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/

  2. I agree, his expression in the first pic is excellent! Mum, what is this?!

  3. Right? He is very confused!

    I would love to give him mashed avocado - and bananas too, so easy. But I will definitely wait until he can at least swallow them... avocado stains can't be fun to wash!

  4. unsweatened apple sauce from the Foreign Buyers Club was one of my first food mainstays - mixed with the rice food, and then with veggies and then with yoghurt. Ganbare.

  5. Thanks! That sounds yummy actually. I will give it a go. xx


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