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Life as usual

I haven`t been writing much about life in general recently, so here goes...

Aiden had his DPT vaccine (diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus) on Tuesday which went really well (all things considered). It is the first of 3 DPT shots, so the others will come up in the next few months. I wasn`t sure that he would be able to be immunized because he has had a runny nose and a bit of a fever since Sunday. The doctor took his temperature though, and had no major concerns.

On Wednesday I saw Eve (my sis) for a few hours and shopped a bit in Shinsaibashi. She will be leaving Japan next week (cry cry), so we visited our favorite clothes stores (Zara, H&M) and of course ate some yummy cafe food... (this time we ate Choco Cro)...

Thursday was Yoshi`s day off. We went to Costco in the early afternoon and then wandered around Umeda for a few hours before meeting up with Eve again. We brought her back to our neighborhood where we met up with Yoshi`s whole family for a `sayonara dinner …

Some days...

Hi again,
It has been a busy morning here. I took Aiden to the local hospital to get his DPT immunization (diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus). He was so good and didn`t cry at all. There are 3 stages of this vaccine which we will have to get in the coming weeks. I hope he is so good for the rest of them!

Here is my post for `some days` and I`m linking up with Lulu from Cherry Blossom Adventures too.

Some days I wonder if this sleeping thing is ever going to get better. For the last week Aiden hasn`t slept more than 2 hours at a time (night or day), and I am exhausted. Most days I hear my friends tell me that it has to get better, and believe that they must be right!

Some days I really worry about Aiden`s health... he has a little cold and a really runny nose which makes it hard for him to breathe and sleep well. I am religiously washing my hands after touching anything and being really careful about the things that he touches too. Most days I am MUCH more laid-back and feel like gett…

My mini All-Black

It is almost impossible to get Aiden to look at a camera these days -- unless he is looking at his own face that is!

So we used Photo Booth (Mac application) to take some self portraits while Aiden is wearing his little All-Blacks teeshirt.

All Blacks VS France at about 5:00pm Japan time today! Go ALL BLACKS!!

Kiwi boy!

We just received 2 packages from New Zealand via DHL and opened them up to find...

in one... 

Aiden`s Certificate of NZ Citizenship

Aiden`s NZ passport

and in the other...

a baby All Blacks tee-shirt

He is now officially a kiwi boy :)

Some days...

Hi y`all on another summery Tuesday ... seriously, isn`t September supposed to be autumnal?

Oh!!! This is my 400th blog post!!! Yay me.

Some days I wish the sticky hot hot Japanese summer would finish. Most days I know that I will complain more about the cold wet winter!

Some days I hate the rain. Most rain at night helps me sleep!

Some days MIL makes very traditional Japanese food; five dishes (rice, fish, soup, veges and pickles). Most days she says something like `I saw this ketchup/mayo/soy milk pasta on the daytime news and I`m going to try it out for dinner.

Some days Aiden goes all day without crying. Most days he cries when he can`t sleep (naps and bedtime). I feel so sorry for him. He closes his eyes and cries and cries... `I wanna go to sleep mummy, but I don`t know how`.

Some days I read other people`s blogs and stories and feel happy that I have the things I do. Most days I get jealous of people who have what I don`t. Silly isn`t it?

Some days I make plans with a friend to meet f…

Aiden is 5 1/2 months old

So Aiden`s first 3-4 tries at solid food were a bit hit and miss... Well no that`s not true. They were entirely MISS, so we are taking a little break.

He checked all the boxes when it comes to being ready to eat solid foods... The ability to hold up his head, turn his head in the direction of food, being able to sit up in a high chair, interest in food... 

BUT he still has the infant tongue reflex; the reflex which makes him stick out his tongue when something touches it. So all the food that entered his mouth, was immediately forced back out again. The experts recommend waiting a week or two, and trying again. So we will. Wait I mean.

In the interest of getting him used to some new textures and flavors we did introduce baby Pocari and baby tea last month. He wasn't a big fan of tea, but seems to like the baby Pocari.

In other Aiden news, he has started shouting! He starts babbling and talking away and gets really over excited which leads to the shouting. It usually happens around 7-8…

Jinbei Giveaway

Because Aiden had such fun wearing his jinbei this summer, we want to share the love and give a baby jimbei to two of our Takoyaki Baby readers.

The giveaway will be done from this post, so check it out and enter when you have time!

Good luck,

Fran xx

Some days...

It`s Tuesday again; so linking up with Lulu (she`s the only one who`s finished her post so far!)

Some days I feel so productive. I clean out my email inbox, reply to all my messages, update my status on Facebook... Most days I let things pile up!

Some days I surprise myself by fitting into my pre-preggy clothes. Most days I would rather wear something loose and comfy.

Some days hub surprises me by saying something sweet or giving me a random hug or kiss. Most days he is far too tired.

Some days I treat myself to a Starbucks drink when I am out and about. Most days I think Starbucks is waaay overpriced... especially the 50yen extra for soy milk!

Some days I want to paint my finger and toe-nails to look like I made an effort. Most days my nail polish is chipped - if I have any on at all!

Some days Aiden will go down quickly for a nap at around 11am and sleep for 45 minutes. Most days he will put up a big fuss, I will rock him to sleep, and he will wake up 20 minutes later!

Some Thursdays I wil…

Otsukimi (お月見)

Happy Moon Viewing everyone!

Today is Otsukimi (moon viewing festival) in Japan.

Have a look at the harvest moon out of your window... 

enjoy some delicious Japanese tsukimi dango too!

Harvest Hill Osaka

Last week on Yoshi`s day off we went to Harvest Hill, a kind of farmlet/agricultural park here in Osaka. Harvest Hill has a few farm animals (sheep, horses, cows, a pig, alpacas, rabbits and a big tortoise), as well as gardens and some fairground type attractions for little kids (ferris wheel, kids go-carts, pottery making...).

Because we went on a weekday there weren`t many people there and some of the attractions were not running. 

We had a good look around, walked up and down some hills (phew!), ate some fresh milk soft serve ice-cream and enjoyed a few hours in the sun. We also floated around a small lake/pond(?) in one of those duck-shaped pedal boats.

It was a nice way to spend some of summer`s last sunshine hours as the nights here in Osaka cool down little by little to make way for autumn.

If you want to go to Harvest Hill, you can check their website here.

Rugby fever

I have been watching live updates of the rugby coverage from New Zealand. There are thousands of people gathered at locations all over the country - not only at stadiums. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and an electric atmosphere... homesick!!!!!

Go Kiwis!

Baby jinbe

Here is my (not so little anymore) little angel kindly modeling the Japanese summer fashion must-have... the baby jinbe;

Most are more traditionally patterned (this one has graffiti, skulls and crossbones), but all are the perfect design for changing and dressing little ones (very easy to remove!!)

We were given this jinbe as a present, but we love the store it came from. If you like baby clothes that are more colorful and brightly patterned, you might like this online store too. The store - named Breeze - carries the following brands (Junk Store, Party Party, Ampersand and Go Sprout) and can be found in several locations as well as online.

5 months old

Yesterday marked Aiden`s 5 month birthday, and we celebrated by giving him his first taste of solid(?) food. I mixed okayu (soft boiled rice) with breast milk and fed it to him using a baby spoon.

The results (as I expected) were messy and didn`t involve a whole lot of eating.

I am not sure if it was the taste or the texture which he didn`t like, but some of Aiden`s facial expressions had me cracking up...

I tried again today with similar results, and plan to keep going. Practice makes perfect, right?

After a week or so, I will start to introduce other kinds of purees (veges), but because this rice mix is the easiest, and most of it is wasted (in the bib and on his face... and everywhere else except his mouth), until he actually swallows something, I don`t want to spend too much time and money!!

Some days...

Tuesday again, linking up with Lulu...

Some days I think about my `some days...` post well in advance. Most days I just wing it!

Some days I think about what Aiden will wear before I rifle through his drawers. Most days I pick up the clothes on the top of the clean washing pile and he just wears that!

Some days I wear nice ballet flats. Most days I just wear my old Havaianas flip flops!

Some days I make new friends and contacts with people who read my blog! Those are great days. Most days I wonder if its possible to make new friends here in Japan.

Some days I believe in true kindness. I have recently been shown just how much my friends care about me. Thanks everyone!!

Some days I worry about the health of my hub and all the hubs in Japan who work these insane hours. Most days he does`t finish work till after 10pm... how can that be good for a person?

Some days I think that I am just starting to get the hang of being a mum. Most days Aiden will shock me with a new cry, a new facial expression…

Watching the rugby world cup 2011 in Japan

So, as a keen rugby (or watching hot guys in tight tees and tiny shorts) fan, I am exciting about the RWC starting this week in New Zealand!

For those of us living in Japan, I wanted to share this info. 

All the games will be broadcast live through JSports (1, 2, and ESPN) and there will be replays too. I guess JSports is only available to cable TV subscribers. Sorry.

JSports lists the full game schedule on this page.

The full schedule is in Japanese, and is laid out like this

09月09日 (金) 16:30 - 20:00
Translation = September 9th (Fri) 4:30-8:00

ラグビー ワールドカップ2011 ニュージーランド大会 開会式&プールA #1
ニュージーランド vs. トンガ
Translation = Rugby World Cup 2011 NZ Opening Ceremony and Pool A #1 
New Zealand VS Tonga

The little red box with an `L` means live game, and the gold `R` is replay.

There is also a daily schedule of JSports programming in English available on this page.


Dear Aiden

Dear Aiden,

Why is it that when I feed you until you are nice and full, lay you down in your crib, give you your pacifier, pat your chest, and play gentle soothing lullabies on little Scout, that you end up red-faced and screaming minutes later?

And why is that when I hold you in my arms and walk/dance around the room to Red Hot Chili Peppers` new album you fall asleep before the end of the second song???

You are a man after my own heart darling Aiden, but I wish you would learn to settle and fall asleep on your own.


Mummy xx

Japan did NOT need this...

Today`s article from the Japan Times...
Rescuers expect death toll to rise20 dead, 55 missing in Talas' wakeKyodo A powerful typhoon that hit the Kinki and Shikoku regions passed into the Sea of Japan Sunday after leaving at least 20 people dead and 55 missing in six prefectures.The dead included 12 in Wakayama Prefecture and three more in Nara Prefecture.The figures could rise when rescue efforts — disrupted by damaged roads and other factors in some typhoon-hit areas, mainly in the Kii Peninsula of Wakayama Prefecture — resume, local authorities said.Typhoon Talas had crossed Okayama and Tottori prefectures by Sunday afternoon, moving into the Sea of Japan.But the Meteorological Agency still called for vigilance, noting the slow-moving typhoon could bring heavy rains to western Japan, possibly causing more mudslides and flooding.In four towns in Wakayama, including Nachikatsuura and Shingu, more than 3,600 people in 37 areas had been cut off in isolated pockets of the prefecture a…

Racy, or Lacy?

Found this display of lace doilies outside a store in Osaka...

Flash Haka

Check out this kiwi (NZ) version of a flash mob dance; Made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up!!

... and of course, makes me so proud to be a kiwi!!


Takochu - made by pine-create in Tokyo.
Quite possibly the cutest character I`ve ever seen in Japan...

Has anyone seen them in the shops? I have a feeling that you can only win them in game centres at this time... Too bad!

I am on the hunt, so if you see any, please let me know.