Yum yum

I love Haagen-Dazs icecream...

I recently tried (and loved these flavors)...

Green Tea Cookies and Cream (抹茶のクッキー&クリーム)

Mango (マンゴ)

Crispy Sandwich Vanilla and Beans (クリスピーサンドバニラ&ビーンス)

...and am looking forward to these too!

Melty Caramel (メルチーキャラメル) - this one will be released this month!

Vanilla Pudding (バニラプヂング)

I guess some of these flavors are only sold in Japan. Do you have any unique ice-creams where you live?


  1. I was totally a vanilla icecream girl hands down before Japan. The flavourists here corrupted my tastebuds for good. Bean and Vanilla - I mean YUM!

    I now find it hard to keep my eyes on our foodlist (if i have time to make one) without being drawn to any new product on the shelves. :) I LOVE anything Milk flavoured, so Honey and Milk is my favourite Haagen Dazs for sure :)

  2. Yum! Honey and milk sounds great too. I loved chocolate icecream when I was in NZ, but there are just so many more flavors here - I never eat plain old chocolate anymore :)


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