Will snail extract make me pretty?

Snail slime/extract (used in face masks, creams, soaps and more) is one of the current beauty trends sweeping Japan right now. News from Korea (where Japanese women get a lot of their beauty advice) tells us that extract from snails can help to smooth wrinkles and rough skin, as well as healing scars and blotches on your face. The technical term for snail slime (in case you wondered) is Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates.

Claims are that snail extract will help to regenerate skin in the same way that a snail`s shell is regenerated.

Have you tried it?

The idea of putting snail extract/slime on my face didn`t scare me at all... it isn`t like a real snail is crawling over my face! So tonight I tried a snail extract face mask that I bought from LOFT here in Osaka last week.

The pack looked like this and it cost 251 yen (it is cheaper - by 4 yen - on Amazon.co.jp). As well as snail extract, it contains collagen and hyaluronic acid.

I used it after my weekly facial scrub and I have to say that my skin does feel very smooth and refreshed. I love face masks and because they are so affordable here in Japan I use them quite often (relaxing at home in my pajamas, rather than going to a beauty salon).

I think I will buy another one... no harm done here.

Note - all opinions are my own.


  1. I passed on the snail mask and went for the delicious sounding ones instead :) But might give it a whirl if it makes me as fresh-faced as you :) Xx Joey

  2. Yes! I saw that you tried a milk tea mask :) That does sound yummy. Much yummier than snail slime! You should try it though, I loved it.


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