Where can I breastfeed in Osaka?

So I thought I would write a post for any BF-ing mothers who are out and about in Osaka and looking for places to feed baby.

I guess if you have a nursing cover or scarf or something, you could theoretically feed your baby anywhere, but if you are a bit shy and uncoordinated (like me), you might prefer somewhere a bit more private.

Let`s start in Umeda (north part of Osaka) and travel down the Midosuji line to Namba (south part of Osaka) because that`s where I do most of my shopping and am always looking for places to sit down and rest with Aiden.

Hankyu Department Store (10F)

Hankyu Ings (B2F = basement 2F)

Isetan Department Store (7F)

Daimaru Department Store (10F)

Comme Ca (5F)

Hep 5 (4F)

Akachan Hompo (4F)

Daimaru (new building 9F/old building 7F)

Marui = OIOI (4F)

Namba Parks (5F)


In fact most big stores that sell baby clothes also have a feeding area. Most of them have private partitions (usually separated by curtains), sinks to wash your hands, some of them have microwaves to heat bottles, and comfy chairs. If you can read japanese, there is a whole website dedicated to finding nursing rooms around Japan. Here is a link to the Osaka area.

Remember I am writing this information as I know it to be true today (August 2011), so things might change. Always check at the information counter to make sure.

If there is no English information in the store, you might see a sign like these...

which means there will be a feeding room.

This word means nursing room - 授乳室.

This word means diaper - おむつ, so there is a diaper-changing room available (not necessarily a feeding room though).

Other words you might see..

ベビーベッド - baby bed / cot
ベビーチェア - baby chair
授乳室(男性入室不可) - nursing room (men not allowed)
電子レンジ - microwave
お湯(70℃以上) - hot water (above 70 degrees celcius)
親子トイレ - kids sized toilet
飲料自動販売機 - drink vending machine
ファミリールーム(予約制) - family resting room (reservation needed)
べびーサロン - baby salon (includes nursing room, diaper changing room and many other aforementioned facilities)

Most public toilets in Japan have a fold down diaper changing table;

and a lot of them also have high chairs in the toilet cubicles where you can put your baby while you pee.

Hope that`s useful.
And of course if you know of any other great places, let me know!

Fran xx


  1. I just breastfeed anywhere...breastfed on a bus once. Shinkansen several times with both kids. Most recent strange breastfeeding was probably while standing up watching Noah play in the sandpit near our old apartment.....luckily day was overcast and only 2 other kids and their mums were in the park that day.

    The rooms are useful though- especially when I was feeding Noah as I found he got easily distracted if I tried to feed him with lots of people around.

    Now Noah hates staying in pram while I breastfeed Shion so the rooms are out- Going out for long periods of time without an extra set of hands is hard. Places like Jidokan, playgroup, friends houses are easy or out to early lunch with someone since Noah will be in a highchair then are okay though!

    Am sure this info will be helpful for other mama`s in the area!

    Do they have a site like Tokyo Mothers Group down your way? I am in Chiba but that is where I wrote about the playgroup I started with a friend.

    I found both boys hate the covers so I carry a small burp cloth or face washer in my bag and just try to cover up discreetly.


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