Story time

I heard this story recently and just think it is lovely. I can`t wait to tell it to Aiden when he is a bit older :)

Once upon a time... I will tell him, there was a forest. It was home to many animals and they lived in harmony. One day, the forest caught fire. The flames were fast and fierce and the animals fled. When they reached the edge of the forest, all of the animals looked back and watched horrified as the flames devoured their entire world.

All of the animals, that is, except for the hummingbird. The hummingbird rushed to the pond and picked up a single drop of water and then flitted to the forest and dropped the drop of water over the fire. Over and over the hummingbird did this, while the other animals did nothing. “What are you doing?” the animals asked the hummingbird. “You are so small! One drop of water cannot extinguish this great fire!”

“I am,” the hummingbird responded, “doing the very best I can.”


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