Some days...

Hi again on this hot and sticky Tuesday! Linking up with Lulu as usual.

Some days I have lots of ideas and creative things that I want to write about... Most days I am stuck with the monotony of the every-day (no one wants to read about that right?)

Some days I play with Aiden on the floor and encourage him to roll around, practice sitting up and improve his hand-eye coordination with toys... Most days I also love watching him play on his own (staring intently at plastic drink bottles, listening to the crinkling sound of the baby wipes pack and hitting his hands on the table).

Some days I still take 20 pictures of Aiden as I think he grows cuter and cuter by the minute... Most days I forget about the camera until he is asleep (so my memory card is full of cute but sleeping baby pictures).

Some days I get messages and emails from friends in Japan... Most days I read about their latest single girl and boy adventures on Facebook and wonder `what if...?`

Some days I go at the cleaning like a crazy woman and dust and vacuum in nooks and crannys that have never been cleaned before... Most days I do a general tidy up and a quick vacuum (just to catch all the hairs that are shedding from my head these days).

Some days when Yoshi gets home from work he wants to talk about his day... Most days he goes straight to the TV and I have to learn about his day at work from his company blog :(

Some days I wish Aiden would grow up faster so that I could have conversations with him and teach him about the world... Most days I see bratty little kids talking back to their parents and hope that Aiden stays tiny and conversation free forever!

Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday.


  1. Thankyou!! You changed your comment settings so now I can comment!!!

    Aiden is so cute. I have a million pictures of my kids sleeping too, even now I seem to still snap two or three a week of my youngest!

    I am sure that your friends are envious of your situation at times too...don't worry their time will come too, and remember that they have their days when they don't like doing what they are doing.

    My hubby doesn't ever talk about work either...and he doesn't have a company blog. Seems many hubby's I know don't share the company life :(

  2. Thanks for linking up again!

    I have a lot of sleeping baby pictures too- not of Noah anymore though. Always afraid it will wake him up :D

    I go through cleaning phases too- I feel I am pretty lazy in that department now though and do the bare minimum during the week but do a much better job on the weekends when hub is around to help with the boys or take them out for a walk.

    I also sometimes look at single friends {or even married or coupled up childless friends} and reminisce! It is nice to reminisce but wouldn`t trade my kiddies for anything......well not for more than one night :DDD

  3. Also feel free to add me as a facebook friend if you wish!

  4. Love taking pix of my girl sleeping too heehee. There are some pretty hilarious ones because she likes to roll all over the bed and get into funny positions :p

    I think vacuuming is quite therapeutic. Especially seeing all the fallen hair getting sucked up heh

  5. This hat is great for keeping the sun off my daughters head. It's also wide enough to offer some protection on her shoulders.


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