Some days...

Tuesday again! Linking up with Lulu.

Most days I miss my family a lot, but some days, like today - I can see my sister and some days I skype with my parents too.

Most days I crave my independence and can`t wait to move out of MIL`s house so that I can really start to be a wife. Some days (like this week while MIL is in Hawaii) I get to `play house` and make dinners and clean the whole house just the way I like it.

Most nights I get a total of 6 or 7 hours sleep, but it is soooo broken. I don`t think I have slept more than 4-5 hours in a row since Aiden was born! Some days, (especially since Aiden turned 4 months old), I only get 2 hours of sleep in a row... those days are no fun for anyone!

Most days Aiden is super genki, full of life and very independent. Some days (like 2 days last week when he had his first fever), he is calmer and wants lots of cuddles.

Some days I don`t worry too much about Aiden`s daytime schedule, and let him sleep in the stroller or sling when we take a walk. Most days I worry that he isn`t getting enough daytime sleep, and in turn suffering wakeful nights.

Most days I am far too busy to think about the future, but some days (like yesterday) I started getting organised for the day we introduce Aiden`s first solid foods. I bought a stick blender, ice-cube trays, freezer bags and spoons. All organised!

Most days Aiden and I listen to adult music (nothing too rock and roll!), but some days we listen to nursery rhymes and kids songs (downloaded on Itunes - not making Aiden suffer through my terrible singing voice)!

Most days I feel totally safe and secure in my marriage, but some days I worry about all the hours that Yoshi is away from the house and all the stories I hear of unfaithful husbands... aaaaagh damn Japan with all it`s beautiful skinny kawaii girls.

How about your Tuesday?


  1. Most people will not be able to understand what it's like to live life w/o proper sleep at night for a long period (oh, say 2 years plus for me!!) until they go through the agony. I hope lil Aiden grows out of it soon.. or you get numb to it fast enough haha :)

  2. Yes! I thought I knew about sleep deprivation from my university days, and my party-girl days... but this is 10x worse! I would loooove a solid block of sleep. Just 6 hours would be fine... although 8 or 10 would be heavenly!


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