Some days...

Hi again, I`m joining Lulu and Sakura Haruka with my `Some days...` post;

Some days, (very few days), Aiden sleeps from 11pm - 8am (with lots of feeds in between). Most days Aiden wakes up early, plays a bit, and then crashes out for a morning nap an hour later.

Some days, I see photos like this (faces blocked for privacy);

(taken of my highschool friends in NZ and their babies) on Facebook and want to cry. Most days I accept the fact that I have chosen a life in Japan and have to make the most of it. A few of my friends here in Japan will be having babies soon, so I guess I will have the chance to take a photo like this before too long!

Some days I think my Japanese (speaking) ability really sucks and curse myself for not studying more. Most days I seem to get by and even manage a few half decent conversations with people without too much trouble.

Some days I wish I could have an honest and open conversation with someone. Most days I feel the need to filter everything that comes out of my mouth (for fear of upsetting someone with my complaining, offending someone with my poor Japanese, or confusing someone by speaking English).

Most days I wonder if I am doing a good job raising Aiden. Some days (like today at his 4 month check up) I compare him to other babies and hear nice supportive words from the nurses to let me know that we are on the right track.

How about you? Are you having a nice Tuesday?


  1. Most days I think my Japanese speaking ability is going down the toilet- yet I still do not study. Luckily my husband seems to understand my disjointed Japanese. So do my in-laws- for the most part :D

    Glad Aiden`s 4 month check up went well- I have never taken either child for a cattle call check up like that- Actually Polio is the only "cattle call" one that I will do. I usually just take the boys to the local paed.

    We just moved so have a new drs- 2 drs work out of there and I have met both now- both seem nice and are good about explaining things {in easy to understand Japanese} which is nice.

    Noah had eczema and allergies so I seemed to have him at the drs a lot- his milk allergy is gone now though- still gets eczema though. Now though all their drs checks are for immunizations etc- Shion still has a big check up at the university hospital every couple of months too since he was premmie.

  2. Some days I think that my Japanese should be a lot better than it is - considering I started learning it 20 years ago (GASP - holy crap), most days I can get enough out to tell my husband he's a twat, my mother in laws crazy and my kids are lunatics.

    I miss my high school friends. My two best friends from high school both have three children each also and next October when we meet up there will 9 kids 6 and under.

    You're doing a great job with Aiden and some days I think it's just a mother's prerogative to wonder if she's doing a good enough job.

    Our children will all be well adjusted bilingual geniuses. You just wait.


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