Some days...

It`s Tuesday again... what a busy week, phew

Some days (only recently), Aiden sleeps for 5 hours in a row at night! Most days he wakes up every 2-3 hours for a feed.

Some days I try to do my part for ecology and turn off the air conditioner during the middle of the day. Most days it is just too hot here, so I keep it on.

Some days I watch news of the recovery and rebuilding effort in North Japan and feel positive and happy. Most days it still makes me cry... it seems that everyone in that area has lost someone or something... so tragic.

Some days Aiden tires himself out and naps for an hour in the middle of the day (giving me an hour to relax or do chores). Most days he needs to be carried/rocked to sleep, and held during his nap (giving me no chance to rest at all).

Sorry, that`s all for today... exhausted ... zzz


  1. that's good that you have a time to rest some days :)

    i know... there are many scary news since 311... it seems like not featured that much like before but i think it is more harsh. i hope nothing bad happens...

    take care!

    btw, aiden is growing very healthy. you are a great mom!!!

  2. aiden sounds a lot like my little girl :) hang in there.. i'm sure things will start to get better!

    i try to make it a point to switch off the lights and fan when not in use.. even in the office heehee. however, it is too hot not to use the aircon at night too.


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