Monday again

As of Friday, Aiden is 19 weeks old!
This has been one of the hardest weeks so far, as he had his first fever, AND for some reason he has stopped sleeping those lovely 5hr stretches that he was before. How annoying. Instead he is back to waking up every 2-3hours...

Last Wednesday when Aiden woke up at around 4am for a feed I noticed he was a bit hot, and then we he didn`t go straight back to sleep when he was full (like he usually does), I took his temperature. It was 38.2 degrees, so I woke Yoshi up and he called the doctor (or some medical helpline). Aiden had no rash or other symptoms, so the doctor said to wait until the local hospital opened at 9am, and if things were still bad, to take him in for a checkup. At 9.30am we arrived at the hospital and the doctor checked Aiden`s temperature and gave him an enema so that he could inspect Aiden`s poo. Aiden didn`t really look all that sick until the enema took effect, and then his face turned green... poor baby!
The doctor concluded it was a summer cold and that it looked like Aiden had a sore throat, so gave him 3 kinds of medicine and sent us home.

Everything seemed much better by Friday, and Aiden was given the all-clear by the doctor when we went back in at lunchtime on Friday. Phew!

So the MIL is out of town (woohoo!, sorry do I sound too happy?) and I am now responsible for making hubby delicious dinners for the next 5 nights.

I have little or no experience making Japanese home cooked food (and don`t know if I want to try because MIL is a standout cook in that department), so am trying to be creative and think of recipe ideas that don`t use an oven (why oh why do Japanese kitchens not have ovens when all the yummy things I want to make require one??).

Last night I made the very standard pasta bolognese which went down a treat (and Yoshi even had seconds!), and tonight I am thinking about Loco Moco.

Do you know it? I only ate Loco Moco for the first time here in Japan (even though it is a Hawaiian dish). Basically it is white rice, with a hamburg (mince steak/patty) on top, a fried egg, and gravy. In Japan, they also add lettuce and tomatoes which make it look far more appetizing, as a quick google search will demonstrate the Hawaiian version looks kind of dull (imho).

Hawaiian Loco Moco

Japanese ロコモコ
If mine turns out any good, I`ll take a picture.


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