Maternity clothes in Osaka, Japan


No, don`t worry, I am not pregnant again...
I have recently been asked about places to buy maternity clothing here in Osaka (clothes that are not overly priced, and not teeny tiny Japanese sizes).
Although I was pregnant here in Japan, it was winter, and I was quite happy to layer lots of clothes I already had in my closet, so I do not consider myself an expert in summer maternity wear (sorry!).
Anyway, here are some of the places I shopped at / know about in central Osaka (and some in suburbia too). Some of the websites are in Japanese only, so it might help to have a dictionary/friend close by! If you need help navigating to the maternity (マタニティ) wear page of a website, ask me any time.
CHEAP (good for basics)
* Muji - online store and also located in several locations around Osaka - check store finder page here.
* Akachan Hompo - online store and real store located in Honmachi
* Nishimatsuya - stores located in suburban areas around Osaka, and an online store through Rakuten
* Sweet Mommmy - although I haven`t used this site, I have seen some recommendations online (and they have an English website!)
* Nissen - very cheap online store
* Belle Maison - also cheap online store
* Angeliebe - online store - also haven`t shopped here, but they specialise in Maternity wear apparently.
More EXPENSIVE (good for one-off and formal items)
* Mama`s & Papas - online store and some items available at Aura (Namba Parks 5F). This is a UK brand, so should have bigger sizes. I actually bought some `long` legged jeans.
* Ings (Hankyu Umeda) - on B1 and B2 (basement) there are some stores with maternity items, but it`s mostly overpriced baby and kids` clothes.
* Isetan Umeda - there are some items on the 7th floor, but again, mostly baby and kids` stuff.
* K& Maternity - this online store sells imported maternity clothing. It is all in Japanese but apparently the owner (Kanako) can speak English if you want to contact her.
* Also, most of the big department stores (Hankyu, Hanshin, Daimaru etc) have some maternity items on the Kids/Baby floor, but I have found most of their selections are VERY limited and really expensive.
Now although I have shopped at some of these stores, and heard of others, I can not guarantee that they will have your size, or that the staff speak English or have things you like. This is just information... GOOD LUCK!
If you happen to know of any other stores, let me know and I`ll add them to the list.
Fran xx


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