Maru Maru...?

I love Japan. Don`t get me wrong. As I mentioned in my last post however, I am slightly worried about a country that votes this song (entitled `Maru maru mori mori`) as the most popular (or one of the most popular) on Japan`s music charts...

7 year old actors (Ashida Mana and Suzuki Fuku) released this song on May 25th 2011, and it has broken all kinds of records for album sales and airtime.

It is a cute and catchy song. For kids. That`s all I have to say.


  1. Haha, I guess some countries need their funny songs.

    Five years ago, this was the most successful song in Germany that year. Kid you not.

  2. I was quite surprised when this made it up to the top of the charts... i think i must be the only person in this country who hates this song, haha.
    Didn't even watch the video you posted and still the song is now stuck in my head!

  3. (and to Judith: oh my goodness i love Schnappi! That song is so adorable! ...can't understand how it would be the most successful, but it's still so cute. Still gets stuck in my head)

  4. i see many grown ups, too dance this. hehe


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