Baby steps

So after cleaning up the 5th puddle of cat pee from a random part of the floor on Wednesday night, then waiting for Yoshi`s sister-in-law to come and watch Aiden so I could get started cleaning the outside cat cage, it was 9:30pm, I had barely thought about dinner, let alone started cooking, and in walked Yoshi (at least an hour earlier than he usually arrives home) from work!

I was a hot sweaty stinky mess and am sure I looked worse than I felt (if that`s possible). I burst into tears and tried to explain that although he had been working hard all day, the best I had to offer for dinner was green curry and rice (and a niku-man that his brother had dropped off earlier). I apologised for being a terrible wife and begged him to make an appointment for us at the house place on Thursday. At that moment I couldn`t imagine living in this house for even a moment longer.

So yesterday (Thursday) we met with the designers and went through our plans (fixing up little things that we both wanted to change - as well as starting to look at fittings, colors etc) and asked them what the next steps were. After finalising the plans for the house, the designers will write up a quote, and we can apply for a loan. Not sure how long that will all take, but my fingers are crossed so tight.

In other news, MIL will come back from Hawaii tonight, so today is the last day I will don my pink rubber gloves and attack the first floor of the house with sprays, wipes, the vacuum cleaner of course, various cans of febreze (air deodorant?), and a large plastic rubbish bag. YAY!

So the baby steps I referred to in the title are not Aiden`s (of course!!), but mine as I slowly work towards the future I have wanted for so long :)

... Aiden taking a nap in my arms as I blog ♡.


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