`Baby of the Day` August 20, 2011

So when I was back in NZ in May, I entered Aiden in a `Baby of the Day` contest on this website as a bit of a laugh. Apparently there are so many babies entered in the contest that it has taken 3 months for his `day` to come around. If he gets enough votes, we can win a Merino sleeping bag!

This is his entry photo (taken on the day of his first bath!)

If you have time and don`t mind helping us out, please click on this link, and vote for Aiden.

Thanks so much!!
Big hugs from Aiden xoxo


  1. aww I'm sorry! I clicked to vote but I guess you can only vote on the day it is out! (??) hope the little guy won :)

  2. Thanks Ai Sakura!! Unfortunately he didn`t win, but there were lots of cute babies on that day so it was a tough contest! No worries ;)


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