4 months old!

Happy 4 month birthday Aiden!

That means you are 1/3 of a year old!! Too FAST!! It seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant, and definitely the last time I had a good night`s sleep was back then too!

In the last month it seems that you have grown up incredibly. You can have little `conversations` with me now; when you `oogwa` and `ooh` and `haiwoh` and I respond with smiles of delight and try to mimic your sounds (and vice versa).

Your new best friends are your hands, which are constantly in your mouth, and covered in dribble (as are your clothes, bibs, and everything else you touch).

You are getting much better at rolling over and are becoming more interested in sitting up, but you sure hate lying down and will always grumble and moan and groan until someone moves you. You love to try to stand. I swear you'll be walking early, the way you love to stand. Most people are amazed at your age and head control and ability to put weight on your legs. I'm not surprised at your advanced abilities - I mean, you're a genius of course!

You are so interested in everything - especially red and yellow things, and bright lights. You like looking at photos, the TV and my Ipod. You don`t have a favorite toy yet, but you are beginning to hold onto things when you play (particularly the things that hang from the play-gym, and your WubbaNub pacifier).

You are neither a great sleeper nor a great napper; and you must get that from me, because daddy can sleep for 12 hours in a row (if we let him). A few nights during your 16th week you slept for 5 hours in a row, but this week it`s back to waking up 4-5 times a night. Maybe it`s another growth spurt? You sleep best when wrapped up tight in a cotton blanket (swaddle) but you`ve been getting hot and wriggling your way out of that recently.

The best thing about you these days is your laugh... a little bit giggle, a little bit squeal, and a big big smile!!

Love you baby Aiden xx


  1. Brilliant - I will be there as soon as possible to share it all - can't wait. Love to you all. Dad

  2. yes :D time flies!!! every time i see this blog, i wish to have a baby like aiden. he is so sweet and you are a great mom! maybe the latter is why. hehe

    happy 4 months :)


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