4 month sleep regression

So in Aiden`s mind, while he might be the coolest baby on the block, sleep is not something that `cool` babies are doing this month!

I have been struggling a lot this month as Aiden suddenly went from sleeping from 11:00pm till 4:00am when he woke up for a feed and back to sleep until 7:00 or 8:00am to taking 3 or 4 tries to fall asleep and then finally falling asleep at midnight, and then waking up every 1 or 2 hours for a feed until morning.

An extremely over-tired mummy is no fun I promise.

Check out this hilarious excerpt from the blog Knocked Up

"Go to sleep now," I've said, playing the mommy dictator of the land of slumber. "You have to sleep. Not sleeping is not an option. You better sleep or you'll regret it tomorrow." Axel knows these are empty threats. I'm the one who's going to regret it the next day if he doesn't sleep. And what am I going to do if he doesn't? Punish him by making him stay awake longer? You can't punish a four month old. Four month olds don't misbehave - I mean, sometimes Axel sticks his thumb in his nose when he's going for his mouth. Clearly we do not have a criminal mastermind on our hands. We can't lock him up and bully him in to dreamland. Sleep cannot be forced.

War is too strong of a word for what we're doing, even though it sure feels like a battle to me at 3 am. It's more like sleep wooing. Axel was, after all, the size of a pea a year ago. He's grown 24 inches in a year. Teenagers turn into huge jerks when they're only sprouting up four inches in a year. It makes sense to me that such rapid development would make some babies (including our mostly sweet boy) a little nutty, and I'm fine babying my boy since he is, after all, just a baby. Given his transformation from a legume to a wee person, the strategy that seems best for us is to take a gradual (but steady) approach to encouraging longer naps and larger chunks of sleep at night, easing him along the developmental path. My goal is just to get him back to the very manageable once-per-night feeding.

As I have been scouring the pages of internet blogs and websites looking for advice and answers on how to help Aiden sleep, I have learned about the 4 month sleep regression. This regression is in part due to sleep cycles becoming more mature (babies now have REM sleep like adults) and in part due to a big mental growth spurt.

A lot of mums (myself included) start to think that baby is hungry and waking up often due to a dwindling milk supply. Some mothers decide to wean their babies or introduce solids at this point, which can lead to problems down the road, and doesn`t really solve the sleepless nights either.

I am REALLY glad that I found these blogs and websites because I also thought that maybe Aiden needed more milk than I could give him and was wondering if formula was a better option. Now I will definitely try to stick out BF for as long as I can.

- pic of Aiden after bath time... definitely not sleepy! but cute nontheless.


  1. Oh boy - sleep regression! And there I was getting excited by the nap building 5 week old Brent is doing :) Good luck and hope you spend some of the wakeful hours in a relaxing fashion. Slap on a mask and turn up the Zen music during Aiden's feedings. Good luck! xx

  2. yay, love that you love the bath towel!xx

  3. Hi there, was doing some blog hopping, found yours and thought I'd say hello :) My daughter is 5.5 months now and we're still in the 4 months sleep regression... shootmenow. She's in almost the same pattern as your little guy - needs resettled a bunch of times and then wakes up anywhere from 11-1am and then every 2-3 hours after that until she wakes for the day around 6. We're basically co-sleeping now as I couldn't deal with the return of the sleep deprivation.

    Just wanted to let you know someone else is going through it too - hope your son snaps out of it before too much longer!


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