Vitamin K (the good one)

Every Thursday since Aiden was born, I have to give him 0.5ml of vitamin K syrup, using a small plastic pipette thing. Because the doctors told me to do it, I just do it, and have never really questioned why - that is until my mum (in NZ) asked me what I was doing.

Vitamin K is a necessary micro-element for the human body, and infants who lack the vitamin can have some serious problems like hemorrhage, paralysis and twitching... scary!

In the US (and maybe other countries too), vitamin K shots are administered to babies in the hospital. Why don`t they do that here in Japan? Surely new mums are busy enough without having to remember to give medicine to their newborns on the same day every week. Aiden is 12 weeks old, and I still don`t know what day it is most of the time!

Well, according to some scientific research, giving a high dose injection of vitamin K at birth has some side effects, and as this article points out, giving a liquid solution spread out over several weeks is much better for baby.


Now I can worry about more important things like taking less blurry pics of my little angel!


  1. What a gorgeous picture! All the things you ahve to think about now you're a Mum, the mind boggles!

  2. This has really got me thinking about what happened with my kids. You'd think I'd still remember but I can't. I do know that I didn't have to administer anything at home though and have a feeling they got oral doses - one before leaving the hospital and another at the one month check perhaps? Hmmmmm. I'm curious now.


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