Teething already?

I`ve been reading... again... and discovered that `teething` and `getting teeth` are a little different.

Recently Aiden has some of the symptoms of teething; he drools a lot, he is fussy, he is trying to put his hand in his mouth during feeding, he is chewing/sucking on his hands a lot, and he is sleeping more during the day and waking up more often at night. Interestingly he is liking hugs a lot more too (that`s a bonus for me because usually he wants to sit independently or try to stand up, and doesn`t like being held or hugged too much).

According to numerous websites, teething can begin between 3-6 months, although usually teeth don`t start growing until the age of 4-5 months.

Do any of you mums out there have similar experiences? I have read of lots of ways to ease the pain of teething, (frozen washcloths, chew toys etc), but Aiden doesn`t seem to be in pain just yet. Maybe I will wait and see how it plays out.

Have any of you tried amber teething necklaces? They seem like a nice natural alternative!

Fran xx


  1. very interesting! is teething pain for baby? i thought it is more itchy. hehe

    aiden is growing up fast!!! makes me feel time is really flying fast!!!

  2. It seems too soon for teething! My goodness!! Are you nervous about breast feeding when the little teeth come in?

  3. never heard of teething necklaces before.. but if it is like the beaded necklace pic you are showing, I honestly wouldn't use it for my child. The beads are so small, what if it breaks and she chokes on it?? *paranoid mummy*

    I froze breastmilk and gave it like lollies or shaved ice :)

  4. Ochi - yeah, I think you are right, it is not really painful, more like uncomfortable and maybe itchy! Anyway, I agree, time is flying!

    Danielle - I think it is a little early, but he seems to be doing everything a bit fast - already rolling over and trying to stand up (he is an overachiever!) I don`t even want to think about combining breastfeeding with teeth - ouch!

    Ai Sakura - The necklace is made of amber stones which (when warmed by the skin) help to soothe aches and pains and skin rashes. It is not designed for chewing or sucking, so you have to watch the child when he wears it. The string is knotted between each bead, so if it breaks, the beads don`t fall off. It is more like a healing tool I think :)


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