So apparently `stollercise` (it is supposed to be spelt with a `z` but I am not American so...) is a real thing and there are real moves and poses and stuff!

I have been trying to walk with Aiden as much as possible since he was born (and since I felt comfortable taking him outside amongst the judgemental glares of the elder population here in Japan). I usually manage an hour a day, maybe 4 or 5 days a week. The weather has been really up and down (boiling sun, pouring rain, a typhoon even), so it isn`t always consistent. I think it has been really instrumental in helping me lose a bit of baby weight AND remain sane whilst living with MIL (getting out of the house is super important to me because fresh air is very very healing!)

I just push the stroller (baby car, push chair, pram - whatever you like to call it), and walk pretty fast from my home, to Higashi Hanazono Rugby park and do a couple of circuits of the park and gardens there. Sometimes I get motivated and wear my sports clothes and sneakers, other times it`s just jandals and whatever I am wearing around the house.

Strollercize (it has actually been branded and even has a Facebook page) incorporates walking, and other exercises like sit-ups, push ups and stretches and has a huge following in the US.

I wonder if it would ever catch on here in Japan hehe ;)


  1. Oh my goodness. With that second picture I just imagine the lady walking down the sidewalk switching lunge sides as she moves. That was hilarious.

    Sometimes I work I'll do a basic yoga pose to work on my balance? Maybe that's the same? Kinda?


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