Some days...

Hi everyone,

It is Tuesday again, so linking up with Lulu for a `Some days...` post;

Some days people tell me that Aiden looks like my dad; but most days people tell me that Aiden looks exactly like Yoshi.

Some days I get angry at random people who stop walking in the middle of the pavement, who block the aisles in the supermarket while they chat to friends and who never notice the people around them (even the tall blond foreigner with a crying baby in a stroller trying to walk past!!); but most days I am not in too much of a rush, so just grumble to myself and find another way to go around them.

Some days I crave English television and end up watching reality TV shows while Aiden naps; other days I am quite happy to watch Japanese quiz shows and variety shows and only half understand what is going on.

Some days I think about how nice for me it would be to live near my high school friends who are having babies this year too; most days I think it is nice for Aiden to grow up surrounded by his Japanese cousins!

Some days I think a lot about the future (where will Aiden go to school? at what age will he enter kindergarten? how much money do we have to save...?); but most days I think only as far ahead as tomorrow... or maybe tonight.

Some days Yoshi asks me to stop buying snacks for him because he wants to `diet`; but most days he smiles while stuffing his face with cola flavored gummy candy!

Some days I go online and fill up my `shopping cart` with baby clothes and baby toys and make it all the way to `checkout` before remembering that I don`t have a job anymore and shouldn`t be spending money I don`t have; most days I stop myself before going into my favorite online stores.

Some days I am so jealous of my parents (who are both employed at schools) and their looong summer holidays, mid-term holidays etc. Actually most days I am jealous of that! Stupid Japanese holidays (every person in the whole country has the same 5 days off in May and August, so it`s impossible to book accommodation, and if you can, it`s 3x times the normal price!)

How about you? How are you feeling and what are you doing some days?


  1. Some days I want a baby, most days I'm happy to huggle other peoples! Hehe, nice to see the updates darling xx

  2. Aww, lovely pic!
    Also jealous of my parents - they're currently doing the grey nomad thing and so are on a holiday lasting a couple of months.
    (Am visiting from Lulu's Some Days... linky).

  3. Hey, tonight you can go into my online store for FREE. Yay! Not the same as buying new but getting stuff in the mail is always fun :)


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