Some days...

Wow is it really Tuesday again already? I guess it has been a busy week, with our 1 year wedding anniversary yesterday, thinking about upcoming birthdays (my sister`s on Thursday and MIL`s on Friday), as well as re-starting English lessons with Yoshi`s oldest niece and nephew on Fridays.

Our anniversary went pretty well yesterday. I always have high expectations of Yoshi (and stupidly think of other couples I know, and stories I have heard, and read...) which often leads me to be disappointed, but yesterday I told myself that he had probably forgotten the important date, and would work late as usual.

Well luckily for me, Yoshi`s mother reminded him about our anniversary in the morning and he came home a little earlier than usual! Great start! I cooked lasagna for dinner (his favorite), as well as garlic bread, and fruit and chocolate cake for dessert (I bought the cake actually). I made a card, and bought him a pair of Sanuk beach sandals (he usually wears sneakers all summer long) and a t-shirt from H&M.

Everything turned out pretty well and he liked the presents I gave him. I guess his presence at dinner was my present (and I should be happy about it, right?)

Anyway, getting on with it, here is my `Some days...` post for this week.

Some days I wake up early full of energy and can`t wait to get out and about. Most days (especially in this stifling heat) I would rather stay in bed.

Some days I crave fruit and vegetables, and fresh juice. Most days I can`t help stealing candy or Japanese sembe from Yoshi`s collection.

Some days I read the news online and watch Japanese television to help with my studies. Most days I end up watching trashy reality tv while I feed Aiden.

Some days I just cannot wait to move out from under the MIL`s roof and start my life as a real wife and mother. Most days I love having yummy dinners cooked for me, and not paying any rent.

Some days I`m angry that I can`t see (and hang out with) my friends as much as I used to because our lives are so different now. Most days I am happy that I get to spent uninterrupted time with my little angel.

Some days I really want a glass of wine!!!!! I miss wine so much!!!!!... so let`s make that `MOST days I really want a glass of wine` but I am too lazy to pump milk in the evening, so never create the opportunity to drink any.

Check out the other blogs (on the right side of my blog page) for more `Some days...` fun, and make sure you let me know if you start this too. It`s always nice hearing that other people don`t have perfect kids, husbands and attitudes towards life in general.

So I shall leave you with 2 cute pics of Aiden playing in his Bebe Pod (he is now strong enough to hold up his head without any support and loves sitting up to play!)


  1. Thanks for joining in!

    Aiden is super cute- our boys are a similar age. Shion is 6 months but because he came 2 months early his adjusted age is close to Aiden`s.

    I can relate to many of the things you wrote- I guess it comes with been a mother in Japan hey!

    I have recently moved closer to my MIL- not living together - been there done that though for a couple of 2 month periods- but now that I have the boys I quite like it. Plus we are not actually under the same roof so I get the yummy food packages and help with the boys but we have our own privacy too which is nice- what is your plan? Are you saving to move out or currently building?

    I will add your blog to my feed reader so I can follow along your adventures!

    Are you a red or white wine drinker? Kiwi, so I was thinking maybe white? I love NZ Sav from Marlborough.

    I missed your some days post last week- you did not link it up right?

  2. Sigh. We all just need to leave our babies for a weekend and get together to squiff back copious amounts of New Zealand Sav. I'd stretch to an Australian one, hell, I'd even stretch to one that says vino blanco and costs 599 yen.

    I think you need to work on hub a bit. Having to cook your own anniversary dinner and get him presents!! and not have anything in return bar his presence at the table - I think he can do better than that. I do the cooking too but I get flowers, and even though they are predictable its still nice.

    Aiden has a great kiwi head I see :) He'll grow into it soon. Shou has. God, I love his rolly arms. Just want to squeeze them :)


  3. Yes, you are both right, Sav is great (but I have to say Hawkes Bay cos that`s where I`m from...). I`d also quite fancy a Pinot Gris, maybe a Riesling... anything would do!!!
    Lulu, we are planning to build a house, cos we have some land nearby MIL`s house (left to Yoshi when his dad passed away)... but it`s taking forever - Yoshi being a crazy workaholic and all!


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