Some days...

I read a blog written by a great Aussie girl, and each Tuesday she writes a `Some days...` post. I really like it and have decided to write my own. Thanks Lulu.

Some days I straighten my hair and wear mascara; most days I stay in my pajamas as long as I can and hardly even bother to wash my face!

Some days I speak beautiful English sentences to Aiden as we go about our daily routine; most days I mumble to him in the part-English/part-Japanese combination language that Yoshi and I use to communicate.

Some days I read all the blogs I subscribe to from start to finish; most days I skim through them looking for funny/shocking episodes.

Some days I think that it is too hard to raise a baby in Japan; most days I feel the support of my friends and family and decide that I can do it.

Some days I go for a long walk, do 20 minutes of Curvy Dance, eat nice balanced meals, and don`t snack; most days I manage a walk around the park at best.

Some days I think I could manage to teach a few English lessons here and there to make a bit of spending money; most days I make it to midnight and wonder how I had time to brush my teeth!

Some days I talk to my family on Skype and catch up on all their news (and show off my little angel); most days we are all too busy.

Some days I wonder if Aiden and I even feature in Yoshi`s top 3 priorities in life; most days he manages to show he cares.

Check out Lulu and Nay`s `Some Days...` posts, and if you have time to write your own, let me know!


  1. This is a great idea. Some days I'm happy to go to work. Most days I wish for the summer holiday to be here already.


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