Some days...

It is Tuesday again which means it is time for the `Some days..` post. Remember to check out Lulu`s blog today too (she got me started on all this).

Some days I look at pictures of celebrities like Miranda Kerr who`ve given birth recently and get super depressed...

... but most days I realise Miranda is a freak of nature (albeit a very nice one I`m sure), then I look at people around me, and the rare celebrity like Pink who`ve given birth recently, and decide there is hope.

Some days I don`t spend a single cent (or yen) all day! Most days I buy at least a drink from the vending machine on my walk with Aiden (and maybe an ice-cream from the conbini).

Some days I use my cell-phone to send texts to Eve or 1 or 2 other friends in Japan. Most days my cell-phone is a cute pink paperweight on my desk.

Some days I drink 2-3 litres of water. Most days I manage 1.5 litres of water and several glasses of cold oolong tea.

Some days Aiden gets wind in his tummy and is fussy and miserable in the evenings. Most days he is the genki smiley baby that we all adore and is a lot of fun to be around!

Some days Aiden is super efficient and spends just 8-10 minutes feeding every 2 hours. Most days (recently) he is much more leisurely about things, and spends 15-20 minutes feeding every 2 hours.

Some days I wonder if 2 people from such different cultures and backgrounds can live and raise a child successfully together. Most days I think that Aiden is one of the luckiest babies in the world to learn about both Japanese and Kiwi life. Each country has so much to offer, that he is sure to get great things from at least one of them!

Some days I love a bit of rain to cool things down. Most days - like today - I wish the rain would stop, even for just 30mins so we could get outside for a walk!

There may be a typhoon headed our way, so batten down the hatches and rent a good DVD everyone!!


  1. Even on the days Aiden drinks slowly he is still a lot faster than Leilah was at the age, lol. We used to have 40 minute sessions!!

    It is hard to look at people who have just given birth but look the way she does... But it's not the norm, trust me :)

    Stay safe. I hope the typhoon doesn't hit hard.

  2. Thanks Nay! I know 20 minutes isn`t too long, and on the plus side it does give me a little longer to check my emails and surf the internet!! I love your blog by the way, I`ve been reading for ages, but haven`t really commented... Leilah is gorgeous ♡!

  3. 3L of water!!!!! wow I'd be falling over with dizziness from that.

    I wonder how two people from different cultures can keep it together too, we'll just have to work at it because there is more at stake than two people!


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