Okuizome Part II

Last night we celebrated Aiden`s okuizome (first meal). It is a real meal, made with celebratory Japanese food, but the baby doesn`t actually eat it. Instead, it is presented to the baby (usually by a grandparent) in small pieces held by chopsticks.

The food has some special meaning (which I mentioned in the previous post). Interestingly, instead of using pebbles from the shrine, we used タコ (octopus). Octopus is a famous food here in Osaka (you might know たこ焼き = takoyaki?) and it is very chewy. It is a good food to help the baby grow strong and healthy teeth.

Mone (Aiden`s cousin who is 10 days younger) celebrated the okuizome with him. They were so cute, sitting in their matching Bebepod chairs... they looked like an old Japanese couple!

Here are some pictures from the okuizome (we did everything in the living room at Yoshi`s brother`s house);

It is a pretty simple ceremony, and easy to do at home, so I think most families do it when their kids are young. You may hear it referred to as `tabezome` and some people call it `okuizome` (which is more polite). The chinese character `食` can be read both ways.


  1. That is the cutest thing ever and they DO look like an old couple! :D What a great tradition.

  2. We did okuizome with both our boys too and I am so glad we did!!

    Love the photos- lucky Aiden for having a cousin so close in age. There is six months between Noah, his cousin Rina and then another six months to Shion...All born in a space less than 13 months.

    Happy Okuizome to Aiden!

  3. LOVE those photos. Classic. Great that Aiden has a cousin the same age.


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