July 18th = Happy Marine Day

Today is Marine Day (海の日-Umi no Hi) in Japan.

It is celebrated on the third Monday of July and is a good chance for people to go to the beach with their families, it often results in scenes like these all over Japan.

Except, has anyone seen the weather forecast this week...?

Weather for Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

27°C | °FMonTueWedThu
Rain that periodically stopsCloudy with rain laterRain accompanied by windstormCloudy
Heavy Showers Rain
Wind: E at 19 km/h
Humidity: 89%29°27°30°27°29°26°34°26°

haha :)

According to the `Official Marine Day website` 海の日の趣旨は「海の恩恵に感謝するとともに、海洋国日本の繁栄を願う」ということです。The purpose of Marine Day is “to appreciate the benefits of the sea, and to pray for the prosperity of this seafaring country, Japan.”

So we will all have to appreciate the sea from afar today (or at least from inside a nice dry building).

As for me, Yoshi is working today, so we don`t have a chance to enjoy a day off together. I will have a nice time inside with Aiden and try to think of ways to entertain the both of us. So far I am thinking food, television (for me), and the jolly jumper (for Aiden)...

Happy Marine Day y`all!


  1. hub tried to take the kids and the inflatable whale to the beach but they got rained on due to approaching typhoon.

  2. Oh no! It is pouring with rain here too... no fun at all.

  3. yeah, it is raining hard here, too this morning X( and it lasts till Thursday, the forecast says... too bad


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