Date day

It has been waaaaaay too long since I wrote about date day. In theory every Thursday is date day because it is Yoshi`s only day off each week, but we haven`t been doing anything exciting recently because of the heat, and a general lack of good ideas.

Yesterday we left home about 2:00pm and headed to Shinsaibashi for a bit of shopping. A few weeks ago Yoshi made some Nike ID (original design) shoes, and I decided that because I needed new sports (walking) shoes, I would like some too. I didn`t really like the base designs of the Nike shoes, so decided on some Mi Adidas instead. Here is what I came up with, and they were ready for pick up yesterday!

While we were in the store, I found some baby Adidas sandals on sale, and bought some for Aiden. His first Adidas! So cute.

We bought Yoshi a new pair of glasses (for driving and watching movies with subtitles), and a new pair of shorts from G-Star, his favorite clothing brand. We were getting a bit hot, so stopped at Tully`s coffee shop for their new summer drink, a kind of shaved ice (かき氷) concoction... called Ice Lush;

I chose maccha (抹茶) and Yoshi had the pineapple one, and we both added a scoop of icecream to the top. So good :)

In the process of buying a present for Yoshi`s mums birthday (we ended up getting her a kind of cooling neck scarf for these hot days), we decided that it would be a good chance to get all the family together for dinner, and celebrate all the things that have happened this year (several birthdays, mothers` and fathers` day, 2 new babies being born, one child starting elementary school etc). After a quick telephone conference, everyone decided to meet at Nandaimon (our favorite yakiniku restaurant) at 8:00pm.

The food was amazing as always, but with a big (and growing) family, the atmosphere was rather chaotic. There are now 9 adults and 7 kids (all under 7 years old)!!

It was a good date day, and not an argument at all to report!


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