Arashi for Japan

In case you missed it, Arashi (嵐) loves Japan. They made a short video/movie to help increase tourism after the devastating earthquake and tsunami here in March (according to an estimate by the Japan National Tourism Organization in May, the number of foreign visitors in April dropped 62.5 percent from a year earlier, marking the sharpest ever fall for a month due to the impact of the March 11 catastrophe). The video (entitled `Message from Japan`) will be played in over 100 countries and has been recorded in several languages too!

Arashi (which translates as `Storm`) are a 5 member pop group who are really famous in Japan and have fans all over the world. They appear on TV shows, in drama series, in commercials, they host variety events, and one of them even reads the news! Although they formed in 1999, they didn`t really achieve full-blown fame in Japan until 2008, from which time they started endorsing products like Nintendo 3DS and Wii Party. If you want to know more, you can look at this Wikipedia page, or one of millions of fan sites online.

The full version of `Message from Japan` is just over 10 minutes long and features some amazing scenery, food and cultural practices from different areas of Japan. Even if you don`t know/like Arashi, it is a pretty nice tourism video...


  1. I'm not going to watch this now but thanks for linking cause I'll definitely watch it tomorrow!!

  2. Watching it now! Thanks for the link!

    1:25 when that guy goes "Nyaaa!" with the cat is the best. (^_^)b As is the 2:00 Buddhist stick slapping. We learned about it in my Buddhism class, how when they fall asleep while meditating they get slapped to wake up.

  3. Thanks Kaley. I checked out your blog too! Good luck with your move to Japan, and whatever happens, don`t give up (I felt like leaving every day for the first 6 months of living here... now I`ve been here for 8 years).


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