Amber teething necklace review

After reading lots of reviews on amber teething necklaces, I bought one, from this store Amber for Sale, on

It is super cute, and now Aiden looks like a little hippy surfer dude!

Am not sure if MIL approves (is it the necklace itself? because Aiden is a boy? because amber is really just glorified tree sap?), and most other people are not really sure what to think, but I don`t care.

I am also not sure if Aiden is really teething; Yoshi`s big brother is a dentist and said it was too early for a baby to start teething... all I know is that Aiden seems uncomfortable, really fussy in the evenings, dribbling everywhere, chewing on everything that he comes into contact with (humans too!), and generally not himself.

What is the necklace supposed to do?
Amber is a natural analgesic and is a traditional European remedy for teething discomfort. When amber is worn on the skin, the warmth of the skin releases trace amounts of healing oils on the skin, helping babies and young children stay calmer and more relaxed through teething. Amber is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits to the skin and is known to help diaper rash too. Succinic acid is the most beneficial component of the amber.

I read that the lighter colored amber generally contains more succinic acid than darker colors, but I opted for a multicolored necklace just in case.

Does it work?
To be honest, I am not really sure. I have noticed several things though, firstly, a heat rash that Aiden had on his roly poly neck has vanished; secondly, Aiden is falling asleep and sleeping longer (in his daytime naps); thirdly, he is rubbing his eyes and cheeks less now than he was a few days ago (I thought that was a sign of teething, but again, I don`t really know).

I always take the necklace off for bath time and at night time (I am a bit worried that Aiden will strangle himself, and all the resources I read say that taking it off at nighttime is a good idea).

Today however, I read online that some people put the necklace around their babies` ankles (under a sock) at nighttime, and it helps them sleep better, so I will try that and let you know.


  1. That's really interesting to read. Even if he's not teething yet it sounds like its working for other things anyway. Although, the dribble everywhere and the constant wanting to put things in mouth sounds like teething to me. What's a dentist to know :)


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