3 months old!

Happy 3 month birthday Aiden!

It has already been 13 weeks since you arrived in my arms (3 days after you were due); I cannot believe how fast the time has flown and how much you have changed in that time.

You have already grown more than 10cm and almost doubled your birth weight! But you are not fat... you are cute and chubby and fit perfectly in the middle of the height and weight range for 3 month old babies!

When you were born you couldn`t do many things, and on our first night together, we both cried and cried (and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into) and didn`t sleep at all. Now you sometimes sleep for 4-5 hours in a row at night, and we both have much more energy in the morning!

Now you are starting to communicate using lots of sounds like `oogwa` and `he-ro` as well as crying, laughing and other strange noises. Your japanese grandma and your daddy think you can say `hello` but I am not so sure. You can roll over from your tummy to your back, you can stand up when we hold your hands, and you can hold your head up really well. I think you are a strong little boy! In the last few days you have started trying to grab things off the table when we are eating dinner... the trouble-making is starting already :)

Your favorite toys are the `jolly jumper` and the mirror in the bedroom. You love to smile and laugh at yourself and when I pull funny faces you think that is hilarious! You don`t like lying down on your tummy (cos it is always full!) but you love lying down on daddy`s tummy and watching TV together.

You are always up for a feed (like your dad) and when you get a bit hungry, you also get a bit grumpy (just like your dad)! You can also be a bit lazy (you would much rather roll over to your back rather than work your muscles during tummy time), which is also something you have in common with daddy.

Just one year ago, we were only starting to think about having a baby, and now you are here, 3 months old, and such a huge presence in our lives. I can`t imagine life without you my darling!!

Lots of love from mummy xx

*this is the last photo of you in my tummy, just a few hours before I was induced, and taken into the labour & delivery suite.

*and on the other side!

*this picture is almost a month old, but I love it so much... and its one of very few photos of the 2 of us


  1. happy 3 months Aiden, and mummy. That seems to have gone by so quickly! Glad you are getting more sleep now zzzzz


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