16 weeks

Aiden is now 16 weeks and 2 days old. In the last week I have noticed even more changes in him! Time is flying by and he is growing up right before my eyes.

Since Friday (very suddenly) he has started sleeping from 11pm until 5am! This is the longest he has ever slept and he has now done it 3 nights in a row! I don`t want to jinx it, but this might be the start of something VERY wonderful :)

He is also `talking` all day long. Of course there are no words, just a jumble of noises and sounds and giggles... but is is the most hilarious thing.

Aiden`s favorite thing to do (still) is jump in the Jolly Jumper, and also to stand up on people`s laps (holding onto their hands of course). He is a great smiler, and charms everyone he meets with a big grin.

A few pics from this week...

and one in his Jolly Jumper `talking` to his big cousin Koto;


  1. :) I love how he's a fashionable lil one. :)
    mama-san, ganbatte!

  2. Awesome - I remember when Shou suddenly started sleeping, pretty much those exact hours - 11pm - 5am. SIX WHOLE HOURS. You'll be a different person.

  3. Thanks CK, (first comment huh?). I think Aiden looks cute in almost everything, but he grows out of the little Japanese onesies so fast. I love `carters` from the US cos its so cheap, and no one has anything like it here.
    Thanks GW, I am hoping it continues. We had a blip last night, but I am hoping we will be back to 6 hours again (well, 6hrs for him, its almost 1am by the time I get to sleep, but better than 2hrs!!)


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